Top 7 Strains of 2018

Berner's Snowman Strain

Top 7 Strains Smoked in 2018

This is my list of the top 7 Strains I have smoked in 2018.  Many didn't make the list but its pretty hard to narrow down your top favorite smokes of the year. That's 12 months of different kinds of weeds you try. Its hard enough to remember sometimes what I smoked a couple weeks ago.  Here is a couple that didn't make the cut but would be top 10 or 15 of 2018. Motor City Diesel (Detroit Diesel Strain) some call it, Nightmare Cookies, Mango Puff, Blue Zittles, Birthday Cake Kush, and Acai Gelato just to name a few.

Let's get started on the top 7 of 2018. Let me know what you think of the top 7 choices like I said so many strains could make this list in 2018. Sorry if none of your favorites made the list but maybe next year!

7.) Red Velvet Strain

Red Velvet Weed Strain
- The Red Velvet Kush made the list because of the smell and taste of the product. It just tastes like cake and is extremely frosty buds. This would be great to have after a nice dinner because of the sweetness in the taste of the Kush.
The Concentrate form of this strain is also very potent and has a great terpene profile with it. I was able to try both ways of this product the Flower and the Concentrate which is why it made it into the list. The Red Velvet Strain is something I recommend everyone tries if you have the opportunity too.

6.) Strawberries & Cream Strain:

Strawberry Strain
-Strawberries & Cream strain smelled like its name lol. It had a great look but it also tasted really good. It had a fruity taste which fit perfectly with its name lol. I was impressed by that because not usually does the name reflect the taste of the Strain.
I really enjoyed this strain because of the Sativa Dominant effects it provided. It brought that uplifting effect plus creativity which just got you going on your day. It's an excellent smoke and highly recommended you try this strain also!

5.) Purple Punch Strain:


-Purple Punch came in at 5th in my Top Strains of 2018. The color on this was crazy to the eye. Imagine a bud all purple with slight hues of green, It was completely covered in purple. It was just something you haven't seen before frosty purple nugs. The crystals were just like a light icing on the bud giving it shiny cover.
Purple Punch Strain provides great medical effects and I would definitely recommend grabbing this strain whenever possible especially if it looks anything like this one. It was definitely more of a relaxation smoke so if you have any pain or can't eat this strain will help out with both those problems. 

4.) KK Strain:

Khalifa Kush Strain Review

Wiz Khalifa Kush Strain is by the musician he had it created for himself called Khalifa Kush or "KK". It is a Hybrid strain but with an Indica dominant effect like a heavy OG Kush. The Khalifa Kush strain is exclusive and makes most cannabis enthusiasts want to try it because of the name.
This Strain made the list because of the heavy hitter that it was. This mostly Indica dominant strain would put you out with the heavy effects of the OG.  The OG is very noticeable in this strain with pain relief and body relaxation. I was also able to finally smoke the Khalifa Kush and was impressed with the aroma and the heavy effects. It was on my list to smoke in 2018 and I finally had the chance to smoke it and it didn't disappoint.

3.) Sherblato Strain:

Sherblato Strain

This fantastic strain Sherblato came in 3rd on my top 2018 clouds of smoke. It had such a crazy color full look that it just popped when you open the container. I am a fan of the crosses of this strain which are Sherbert and Gelato! The Sherblato Strain is a newer strain that just came out within the last couple years it was on my list to try it this year.
Sherblato effects are pretty potent it gives you body relaxation, pain relief, and it also increases your appetite. I would definitely recommend you try the Sherblato Strain especially if you are a cannabis enthusiast or just enjoy heavier strains.  This is definitely a smoke I would keep a personal stash of just in case because of how good the taste and effects are!

2.) Pink Panties Strain:

Pink Panties Strain Review

The Pink Panties Strain Stood out to me because it was the look and the taste of the buds. This had an amazing taste it was similar to skittles the candy and the sweet taste of them after mixing multiple kinds at once. The taste was something like you never had before it definitely stood out as my top favorite strain.
The Pink Panties Strain came in 2nd on my top 7 clouds of smoke of 2018.  It also was the extremely frosty buds with slight hues of purple mixed throughout. I never heard of the strain before I got it at 420 Dank Detroit and I was not disappointed by it. The Pink Panties was a great smoke and recommended to anyone who can get their hands on it to try. Trust me you won't be mad that you got it!

1.) Berner's Snowman Strain:

Snowman Weed
The Snowman Weed was my favorite smoke of 2018. The Snowman Strain just had such a unique taste and smell that it just stood out to me as my number one smoke of 2018! Its also part of Berner's great genetics and top-shelf bud on the West Coast.
The Look was extremely Frosty buds with a crazy one of a kind smell. Snowman Kush had its Sativa Dominant effects because you were just soaring all the way through after smoking a joint. After medicating you were able to clean the house, run some errands and get laundry done.
I have said that you should always try these strains but you have to with this one. Its the reason why this was my top Favorite Smoke of 2018. Thank you for reading and until next year's top list stay tuned for new strain reviews out to start the New Year in 2019!