Birthday Cake Kush Strain Review

Birthday Cake Kush Buds

Birthday Cake Strain

This Strain Review is on Birthday Cake Strain its also know as the Wedding Cake Strain.  It's an Indica Dominant Hybrid coming from the two parents of Girl Scout Cookies and Cherry Pie!  This Birthday Cake location was at The Reef in Detroit. I have been looking forward to trying this strain for some time and when I saw it at the shop, I just knew right there I wanted to get it.

Birthday Cake Kush Aroma:

The aroma was a sweet smell of vanilla with a slight hint of lemon an orange mix.  You could definitely tell it has cookie genetics because you would also get a whiff of the cookie smell after you popped open the jar.

Birthday Cake Kush Look:

After you had the first whiff of the smell you took out the nugs and just noticed how frosty they are. The buds are dark and light green they were trimmed very well and had small orange hairs throughout.
Birthday Cake Kush Pictures

Birthday Cake Kush Stickiness:

Wedding Cake was a little sticky, but not too much.  It was more on the drier side but it did leave a little residue on your fingertips.

Birthday Cake Density:

Birthday Cake Kush has a beautiful bud structure with a little bit of density for the nugs.  They weren't extremely dense but they didn't give you and bounce back after squeezing the nugs.

Birthday Cake Price:

The Price I had to pay for this particular strain was top shelf pricing.  I did get it on a deal that day which was 5g/$55.

Birthday Cake Taste:

Once you broke down the bud, I used a grinder and a zig-zag joint paper and rolled a joint.  The first hit of the joint tasted to me like a cookie mix with a sweet vanilla.  It also tasted like a sweet Og. The smoke made your nose hairs stand up and it also was a heavy hitter on the exhale.

Birthday Cake Kush Ash:

The Joint started off with a white ash and as the longer, you smoked the joint started to get dark ash.  You could notice that there was more dark color ash the clear white flushed ash. I did have to relight the joint a couple times which always gets frustrating when trying to medicate. The grower probably rushed the last week or so and didn't flush the final 2 weeks fully.

Birthday Cake Kush Effects:

-Pain Relief
-Night-Time use
Wedding Cake Kush Pictures

Birthday Cake Kush

R & R:
I would definitely recommend all cannasuers to try this strain in particular especially the heavy Indica effects and because the taste of the strain is so unique also.  I would repurchase this particular strain but I don't know if I would get this strain again from the same shop The Reef Detroit unless it was a smoother and cleaner smoke.

Birthday Cake Kush Medical Effects

-Chronic Pain
-Increase Appetite
-Helps Anxiety
Birthday Cake Strain ( Wedding Cake Strain) Overall:
The Wedding Cake Strain didn't disappoint me with the Indica Dominant effects it provided.  I usually prefer my Sativa strains but this would be something to keep a little stash of especially at nighttime.  It tastes like a sweet dessert cake after a phenomenal dinner you just had.

The Strain was top shelf so you are expected to pay more for the strain which is always fine as long as the quality is there and has strong medicinal effects.  The Big bummer with this strain was the ash and that the product wasn't flushed properly. You had to continually re-light the joint a couple of times within one smoking session.  Which is a bummer especially if you are using for medicinal reasons.


My ratings on the strain review are 82/100 based on my strain review guide. If you enjoyed this review go check out another strain review on Berner's Snowman.

If you have any questions you contact me here.  The next review will be on Zkittlez Strain. Stay Tuned and Smoke Good!



Strain Review Ratings: 82/100


Before Smoke:                                            After Smoke:

Look: 8                                               Taste:9

Aroma:8.5                                           Ash: 6.5

Stickiness (Feel):7                             Effect:9

Price:8                                                R&R:9

Density:8                                             Medicating Benefits:9