Red Velvet Cake Strain Review

Red Velvet Cake Buds

Red Velvet Kush Strain

This Strain Review is on Red Velvet Cake from Detroit Provision Co its also called Red Velvet Kush. They are located in Detroit. It was my first time going into this provisioning center. I chose the Red Velvet Strain because I have previously had the concentrate of the strain but never the flower. It's a hybrid probably leaning more towards the Indica side.
Detroit Provisioning Co.
The other strains they had at the provision center were pretty frosty and they all looked pretty good. With all these choices I decided to take this strain and another top shelf they had in. I was told the one genetic parent was cherry pie. I will be doing a provision center review on them in the near future!

Red Velvet Kush Aroma:

A sweet smell as you cracked open the container. It was just a pleasant aroma I would mind smelling all day. If they had a cologne of this smell I wouldn't mind wearing it all day everyday.

Red Velvet Look:

Purple Buds of Red Velvet Cake
Red Velvet Kush was an amazing looking. The buds were extremely frosty just covered in trichomes. It looked like a sleet of ice with all those THC crystals. The bud was completely purple with small orange hairs around. The bud had some light green, but the bud was mostly covered in purple.

Red Velvet Stickiness:

Wasn't too sticky but it did leave residue on your fingers with a sweet smell. It had a little bounce back after squeezing the nugs in your fingertips.

Red Velvet Density:

Red Velvet Cake Frosty Nugs
Red Velvet Cake had pretty dense nugs. Good bud structure overall.  The little bit that I got did have some good density to the buds.

Red Velvet Cake Price:

This strain was on the top shelf at Detroit provision Co. They had a deal and it was 2g for 25. It's not bad as long as the taste and the effects are there for good quality medical cannabis. If you were looking to get an 8th then it would be over $50 but that's reasonable for top shelf products. If your on a budget then It might not be worth it depending on how much you use Medical Marijuana.

Red Velvet Cake Taste:

The taste on a dry hit was a sweet taste. The first hit you got after the joint was lit was very sweet. Not to go off the name of but it did have a taste sweet taste like tasting a cake. Very smooth

Red Velvet Cake Ash:

It has a clean white ash, not too much dark in it. The growers flushed the product well. It's great to see that the strain was flushed especially for being Top Shelf product!

Red Velvet Cake R&R:

Yes I would recommend it and repurchase this strain. It had a good smooth smoke. It was a heavy hitter for sure especially since it was top shelf.  If you are just beginning to smoke or medicate I don't know if this would be your first pick because of how heavy the effects are. All you would need is a puff or two.

Red Velvet Cake Effects:

-Instant body buzz
-Pain Relief

Red Velvet Cake Medicinal Effects:

- Increased Appetite
- Body Pain
- Depression
- Chronic Pain
Red Velvet Strain Info
Red Velvet Cake Overall:
I enjoyed Red Velvet Cake Strain. I thought it had great effects for being a Hybrid and a decent taste and a crazy frosty look. I was excited to try the flower because I am a connoisseur in tasting buds.

The look and color of the buds blew me away. The Strain was top shelf so you are expected to pay more for the strain which is always fine as long as the quality is there and stays strong with the medicinal effects.

My ratings on the strain review are 83.5/100 based on my strain review guide. If you enjoyed this review go check out another strain review on Berner's Snowman.

If you have any questions you contact me here. The next strain review is on Mango Puff Stay Tuned and Smoke Good!


Strain Review Ratings: 83.5/100


Before Smoke:                                            After Smoke:

Look: 9                                                Taste:8

Aroma:8                                              Ash: 8.5

Stickiness (Feel):7                             Effect:9

Price:8                                                R&R:9

Density:8                                             Medicating Benefits:9