Motor City Diesel

Motor City Diesel


This review is regarding the Sativa Strain Motor City Diesel from 420 Dank in Detroit, MI a provisioning center. I was personally very excited to get this strain when I also picked up Blue Zittles on my trip down to the provisioning center.  I prefer my Sativa dominant strains compared to the heavy Indica ones, especially during the daytime.  I have always been a huge fan of the Diesel since I started medicating with cannabis.

Motor City Diesel Sativa 420 Dank Detroit Mi

 Before I broke it down I love to examine the bud from the look, smell, how it feels, what is the price, and the density of the cannabis.  The look was the light green with a bit of shine from all the trichomes covering the buds.  The aroma consists of a deep original Diesel smell almost gas-like if you will.  It had a little bit of stickiness if you picked it up you could see a little bit of residue left on the tips of your fingers. The buds were extremely dense and when broken up it still had a pungent gas-like smell. You did need a grinder to break it up because of how dense it was. The price for the bud was at a reasonable 10g or $35 for a an eighth.

My preferred method of smoking is with a paper and a filter. The first hit which I like to call A's is my favorite personally. Motor City Diesel had a classic diesel taste for your aged cannasseurs with a slight earthy taste.  It had a pretty clean white ash, so we know the grower who grew it took care of the plant at the end of the cycle.  The effect was definitely a nice Sativa with a clear head high compared to your Indica strains that have the effect of a couch lock. It was a nice high from once you medicated with the strain. It felt like you're soaring forever but in reality it wasn't that long and you came down pretty quick.

I would give the strain an overall 78/100 because I have high expectations for Diesel strains.  It had a good smell, not bad of a taste but wasn't my favorite Diesel strains this time around.  I would recommend it to some medical patients but not all because of the taste might not be for everyone. It did have the Sativa effect helping me focus and my creativity. It did help with being productive during the day, which is great because that's what most medical patients look for in a Sativa to get the benefits it provides.  If you see Motor City Diesel strain around let me know what you think about it.

Take a look at the scores below, if you want to see how I rate my strains check out the Strain guide review continue below.  My next strain review is on the Cannabis Strain Sherblato.

Before Smoke:                                            After Smoke:

Look=  7                                                        Taste:7

Aroma=    8                                                   Ash:8

Stickiness (Feel)=  8                                    Effect:9

 Price = 8                                                      Recommend & Repurchase:7

Density=   8                                                  Medicating Benefits:8


Overall Score:78/100