Berner's Snowman Strain Review

Berner's Snowman Strain Review


Snowman Strain

This strain review is on one of Berner's genetics and its the Snowman Strain. Berner is the one who branded the Girl Scout Cookies or "cookie" name in the marijuana industry. This started the fad of everyone trying to cross with the GSC genetics to create new strains.

Berner's Snowman is a Sativa dominant Hybrid probably like 70/30 ratio Sativa to Indica. This strain carries a cross of the Girl Scout Cookie genes to create this dynamic strain.


Snowman Strain Look:


The Snowman strain gives a name for itself with the coverage of crystals that are the trichomes that's covering the buds. Long thin orange hairs are around covering and weaving around the bud. Light green buds all the around, no purple leaves at all it was a very clean looking strain.


Snowman Strain Aroma:


The Smell as you popped open the lid of the jar was a whiff of pink kool-aid and strawberry lemonade right off the bat.  Then a subtle smell of fruity pebbles just took over the rest. It truly had a unique smell that was one you won't ever forget. When broken up with a grinder before being rolled in the joint it had a Fruity smell.  It was overwhelming and it took over the kool-aid and lemonade smell.


Snowman Feel and Density:


The buds were not sticky at all, surprisingly you would think it would be because of the coverage of trichomes on the buds.  It really didn't leave much residue on your finger tips either which was a bummer.  The Density of the buds were not to dense but not airy. Good bud structure overall.

Snowman Cookie Fam upclose


Snowman Strain Medicating:


Berner's Snowman tasted just liked it smelled which was crazy because usually it doesn't work like that. Gave your nose a little tingle after taking a couple puffs of the joint. It definitely was a heavy hitter at some points because it did make me cough a couple times.

The Ash is where I was really disappointed in the strain because the ash wasn't really white at all.  It wasn't flushed properly I believe because the hot was black all around it was similar to the ash of the Pink Panties I also had.


Berner's Snowman Effects:


Instant head rush with and uplifting feel that overcame any body buzz.  I really liked the uplifting effects the strain had on me. I was able to think more clearer and be more task oriented to get errands and work done. The strain gave me no anxiety either which was nice from the Sativa dominant strain.

I would definitely recommend this strain and repurchase it because of the uplifting effects the strain had on me.  The taste was great with the unique smell it carried. I would say its for heavier users or if you just want to hit it once or twice you would feel the effects pretty instant.

Berner's Snowman Medicinal Effects:

  • Uplifting
  • Creativity
  • Anti-Anxiety
  • Pain Relief

 Snowman Strain Info

Overall Experience:

I enjoyed Berner's Snowman strain, I bet if I got this out in Cali because that's where the original cookie originated from,"it would've been off the charts."I thought it had great effects for being a Sativa dominant Hybrid.

The smell and the effects blew me away in this review, but the ash was a disappointment and really hurt the review overall. I always prefer to have clean flushed medical cannabis especially if I am smoking a joint of it.  Who likes relighting a joint or seeing the black ash while you medicate.

My ratings on the Snowman Strain  is 83/100 based on my strain review guide. The next strain review will be on Sherblato.  If you have any questions you contact me here.  Stay Tuned and Smoke Good!


Strain Review Ratings: 83/100


Before Smoke:                                            After Smoke:

Look: 9                                              Taste:8

Aroma:9                                               Ash: 6

Stickiness (Feel):7.5                          Effect:9

Price:8.5                                                  R&R:9

Density:8                                             Medicating Benefits:9