Blue Zittles

Blue Zittles Strain Review

Blue Zittles Strain


This strain review is regarding the medical cannabis from 420 Dank. The strain review is on Blue Zittles which is a hybrid consisting of both Indica and Sativa traits.  The strain is a cross between Blue Diamond and Zittles which makes it more Sativa dominant hybrid.

I chose this strain because of the strong fruit smell that resembles a strong aroma of a freshly opened bag of skittles, with hints of strawberry and mango. Blue Zittles was a light green covered in trichomes all around the bud, it was almost like you could see the head of the trichome. The buds had a very sticky feel when you pressed it together between your fingers. The price for the strain was at 10g which is resemble for a good strain. The buds weren't too dense compared to some strains like cookies. It wasn't really too airy either, a little bit of a mixture.

While smoking the bud in a joint the taste was a sweet hint of candy with a powerful taste like skittles.  It was a lighter smoke to me with a nice head rush compared to a body relaxation buzz at first.  It had a clean white ash which I love to see when medicating.  You know the grower properly flushed his medicinal cannabis with a clean white ash. Its good to know that who grew your medicine took their time and cared about the product.

Broken nug Blue Zittles

After a little bit of enjoying the smoke, you did notice the Indica dominate effect coming in hard with a deep body relaxation.  I would say it would be perfect for a night time smoke and also for anyone that has some sort of pain they are dealing with because it had a good a long body buzz.  Great for chronic pain throughout the day to give you some relief.  I would recommend the product for medical patients to use.  I would repurchase the product and store a little just because of how good the taste and smell of the Blue Zittles is.

My overall opinion of Blue Zittles would be 80/100. I based my review of Blue Zittles by the strain review guide.  I really enjoyed the taste of the product I thought that was one of the best parts of this specific strain review, and how it smelled so much like skittles. Thank you for reading my review on Blue Zittles. My next review will be on Purple Punch Strain. Until next review smoke good!


Before Smoke:                                               After Smoke:

Look= 7                                                    Taste:8.5

Aroma=    8                                              Ash:8

Stickiness (Feel)=  7.5                            Effect:8

Price = 8                                                 Recommend & Repurchase:8

Density=   7                                            Medicating Benefits:8

Overall= 78/100