Mango Puff Strain Review

Mango Puff Strain Review

Mango Puff Strain

This Strain Review is on Mango Puff from The Reef Detroit. It's my first time doing a strain review on Mango. I chose the Mango Puff because I have of the Sativa Dominant Hybrid it consists of. When I picked out the strain at the provisioning center it just stood right out to me.

Mango Puff Aroma:

As you cracked open the jar of the Mango Puff the orange cream,  fruity smell just instantly stood out. Then after that, you got a whiff of a fruity citrus smell, fruity overpowering with a hint of the same smell similar to the Tangie genetics.
The Smell also closely reminded me of the Pink Panties Strain that I did a review on earlier in the year. It's just such a unique smell that you would just want to bask in the aroma.

Mango Puff Look:

The strain had a very pretty bud structure, extremely frosty, and little orange hairs throughout.  They were hard to see because of how covered the buds were with Trichomes.  The buds had phenomenal bag appeal when I first got the whiff and saw the buds.
Mango Kush Pictures

Mango Puff Density:

The buds were light but the density was there.  It did bounce a little back but not much. I did like the structure of the buds though which were compact.

Mango Puff Stickiness

The buds weren't too sticky even though they were extremely frosty.  One thing stood out though and that was the Tangie fruity mix smell left on your fingertips.

Mango Puff Price:

 The cool thing about getting to try this strain was on a Black Friday special 5g/40$.  That's something you never see so it was pretty cool they did that for medical users.

Mango Puff Taste:

This strain had a great taste as you first inhaled.  It made your nose hairs tickle, and you tasted the Tangie fruity smell.  It was just like the smell it had and very similar to the Pink Panties Strain. I was impressed with the taste from the mango puff that it made this the best mango strain I have had!


Mango Puff


Mango Puff Ash:

The ash is where I was disappointed in the strain, but thats not on the flower  becasue the grower either didn't flush all the way or tried to cure it to fast.  The ash was dark but it was white.  It's bummer because that strain tasted great but did get a little harsh at the end.

Mango Puff Effects:

-Uplifting Effect
-Bowel System
-Pain Relief

Mango Puff R & R:

Yes, I would recommend this strain and definitely repurchase this specific one.  I would keep a personal stash because this is perfect for your Saturday morning wake & Bake!  It wouldn't keep you lethargic all day it gets you going and help clean those dishes, laundry and anything else.

Mango Puff Medical Effects:

-Body Relaxation
-Increased Appetite
Mango Puff Overall:
My Overall experience with the Mango Puff Strain was really good. It provided the excellent medical effects you are looking for in that specific strain.  It had the Sativa Dominant traits which were exactly what I was looking for in this strain.
The only bummer was the ash of the bud and if you prefer very dense buds then this didn't have that either.  The smell, taste, and effects absolutely outweigh the bummers in this review. It was a great strain and it was my favorite mango strain.

My ratings on the strain review are 86/100 based on my strain review guide. If you enjoyed this review go check out another strain review on Berner's Snowman.

The next strain review is on Birthday Cake. If you have any questions you contact me.  Stay Tuned and Smoke Good!


Strain Review Ratings: 86/100


Before Smoke:                                            After Smoke:

Look: 9                                              Taste:9

Aroma:8.5                                           Ash: 7

Stickiness (Feel):8                            Effect:9

Price:9                                                  R&R:9

Density:8                                             Medicating Benefits:9.5