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What are CBD Creams?

A CBD cream is a cannabis-infused topical cream used for pain relief. These creams are used to relieve pain from minor muscle aches to painful side...
How To Determine the Sex of Cannabis Plants

How to Determine the Sex of Cannabis Plants

How to Determine the Sex of Cannabis Plants   Yes, cannabis plants do have sexes. The plant world has a lot of ways for reproduction to occur, For ...
Marijuana Detox

How to Flush Marijuana Out of Your System

How to Flush Marijuana Out of Your System Got a drug test coming up soon? Need to get weed traces out of your system quickly? You've come to th...

Strain Review

Gluebert Review

Gluebert Strain Review

Gluebert Strain This Strain Review combines the dominant crosses of Gorilla Glue and Sherbert to create this pungent Strain. I haven't seen or...
Blue Cookie Strain

Blue Cookie Strain Review

Blue Cookie Strain This strain review is from the cookie family.  This particular strain is a cross of two potent strains, the famous Girl Scout...
Sherbert x Gelato Strain

Sherbert x Gelato Review

Sherbert x Gelato This Strain Review concentrates on the strains Sunset Sherbert and The Gelato Strain.  These two strains are combined and be...
Super Lemon Haze

Super Lemon Haze Review

Super Lemon Haze This review is on the Super Lemon Haze Strain.  This particular strain is a Sativa Dominant Hybrid and part of the Haze family....
Pineapple Express

Pineapple Express Strain

Pineapple Express Strain Did you know the Strain Pineapple Express didn't exist until after the movie came out? Not many knew that the Strain wa...
Mimosa Strain

Mimosa Strain Review

Mimosa Strain This Strain Review is on the Cross between Purple Punch and Clementine giving you an uplifting Sativa Dominant Strain. Its simil...

Cannabis Podcast


MiCannaCast Pastor's View on Marijuana

 In this episode of MiCannaCast, we had the great opportunity to have the pastor come on our podcast and discuss his views on Marijuana! What does...
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MiCannaCast Ep.3 What is Dab

  In this episode of MiCannaCast, we discuss What is a Dab? We break down how to dab? and what to look for in good quality concentrates.  We also d...
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MiCannaCast Hightimes Cup Recap 2018

Ep Episode 2 of MiCannaCast we discuss the High Times Cannabis Cup in Michigan. We saw the top brands, products, infused foods and even a couple of...

Provisioning Center Reviews

JC3 Provisioning Center Logo

JC3 Review

JC3 Provisioning Center With so many cities opting in and getting licenses in the State of Michigan for Medicinal reasons there are many differ...


Top Winter Events in Metro Detroit

Top Winter Events in Metro Detroit

Let's face it, winter isn't everyone's favorite time of year to go out and about. The problem is that most of us Detroit natives miss out on a ...
Skyline of Detroit

My 9 Favorite Places to Visit in Detroit

 My 9 Favorite Places to Visit in Detroit From beautiful view points to delicious food and beverage joints, Detroit has it all. As a Detroit nati...
Comerica Park Detroit Tigers Opening Gate Photo

Nightlife in Detroit

As the day gets closer to it’s end, and the sun begins to fall, most of us begin our bedtime routines to prepare for the next upcoming day. Unfortu...