Nightmare Cookies Strain Review


Nightmare Cookies Review


Nightmare Cookies Strain Review

 Nightmare Cookies strain is a Hybrid leaning a little bit more on the Sativa side.  The cross of Nightmare Cookies is White Nightmare and Girl Scout Cookies.  The famous Girl Scout Cookie strain has been used in many crosses these last couple of years because of the bud structure and potency it has had in the industry. Plus everywhere you go or even talk to people they are always asking what cookie are you smoking?

In case you were wondering the cross that makes White Nightmare is Blue Dream and Moonshine making that a Sativa Dominant strain. I must say when I saw the cross with Blue Dream I was pretty happy because of the strong great  Sativa effects are from that strain.

 Nightmare Cookies Strain Review 420 Dank

Before Smoking Nightmare Cookies

I was looking forward to smoking nightmare cookies once you smelled the strong overpowering cookie smell with a subtle citrus earthy mix in after initial whiff of cookie.  The Cookie strain was light green around the buds, glazed over with a nice sheet of trichomes.  The buds looked hand trimmed and that they took their time with the product. 

The buds weren't that sticky at all but the cookie smell stayed on your fingertips after squeezing the buds.  The cookie wasn't too sticky after being broken up but drier, before it was rolled in a ultra thin zig-zag joint paper.


Medicating Nightmare Cookies

Upon sparking the nightmare cookies you received a slight cookie taste with a mix of an earthy piney taste. The ash wasn't something I was too impressed with it was definitely on the darker side and towards the hot was dark, not white.  It's bummer the plant didn't go through the proper flushing toward the end of its cycle. It could have made this product near top shelf. 

The effects from the cookie were instant.  It started in the lower body and slowly made its way up giving off to a slight body buzz.  The cookie was a potent like most cookie dominant strains. 

Nightmare Cookie Nugs

I would recommend it if you are a Sativa Smoker because of the effects you felt during the smoke. It's definitely more of an uplifting strain compared to Indica dominant strains.

The quality of the high from the medicine is long lasting also great for creativity too.  The medicinal effects you felt were happy, and uplifting feeling, and not just tired or stuck in the couch. I felt no anxiety from the strain to which was a great experience.


Overall Experience of Nightmare Cookies

I did enjoy the Nightmare cookie from 420 Dank in Detroit. It was a great deal when I got it so that did help the experience getting it for $25. It could have been a little better with the flushing for the ash and the taste wasn't as potent as you would like from a cookie strain.

Thanks for reading my strain review on Nightmare cookies and let me know your thoughts. I rated the strain 82/100 based on my strain review guide. The next review will be on the Pink Panties Strain.   If you have any questions you contact me here. Stay Tuned and Smoke Good!

Strain Review Ratings:


Before Smoke:                                            After Smoke:

Look: 8.5                                                  Taste:7.5

Aroma:8.5                                                Ash: 7.5

Stickiness (Feel): 7                                 Effect:9

Price:8                                                    R&R:9

Density: 8                                             Medicating Benefits:9