Blue Cookie Strain Review

Blue Cookie Strain Cross BlueBerry

Blue Cookie Strain

This strain review is from the cookie family.  This particular strain is a cross of two potent strains, the famous Girl Scout Cookie and Blueberry. This definitely gives it an Indica-Dominant effect. When I saw the strain it just stood out to me really because of the unique name. I enjoy Blueberry when I am in pain and looking for a heavy sedative strain and this one does the trick.

Blue Cookie Look:

 The Cookie had an array of colors from dark green, light green, and purple all in the buds.  The nugs were very frosty the trichomes glistened in the light.
Blue Cookie Strain Indica

Blue Cookie Aroma:

The aroma that the Blue Cookie had was similar to GSC, just a strong pungent cookie overpowering smell. It has an OG smell which comes after getting the whiff of Cookies.

Blue Cookie Feel:

The buds were a little sticky but not too much, and they were pretty hard and extremely frosty. It did leave residue on your fingertips when the buds were squeezed.

Blue Cookie Density:

 This was definitely like your normal cookie genetics such as the buds were small and compact, and they were definitely more dense than airy.

Blue Cookie Price:

It was on special for Top Shelf flower it was 5g/55 and tax. That is a pretty good deal especially since its one of their top strains when I went there. I always prefer quality over quantity in my opinion while some may disagree.

Blue CookieTaste:

The first initial puff is a sweet cookie taste, but right after it is a subtle fruity taste.  It has a unique taste that I bet many would enjoy trying it. It does have a little bit of an OG taste.  As you get further down the joint the blueberry flavor comes out.
Blue Cookie Strain 

Blue Cookie Ash:

The Ash wasn't bad since it was light grey, but some spots were darker than it should be. It did burn the whole time which was good because I didn't need to re-light the joint.

Blue Cookie R & R:

Yes, I would recommend this strain again especially because of the potency and the medicinal effects it provided. If you get a chance in your state either recreational or medical definitely try Blue Cookie!

Blue Cookie Effects:

- Pain Relief

Blue Cookie Medical Effects:

-Anti Anxiety
-Pain Relief
-Increased Appetite
Blue Cookie Overall:
Overall I really enjoyed the Blue Cookie Strain! It's a great addition to the cookie family and just proves that they have dominant genes and produce great quality buds.
-My ratings on the strain review are 84/100 based on my strain review guide. If you enjoyed this review go check out another strain review on Pink Panties strain.

If you have any questions you contact me here.  And Don't forget to Smoke Good and Love Life!

Before Smoke:                               After Smoke:
Look: 8.5                                      Taste: 8.5
Aroma:8.5                                     Ash: 7.5
Stickiness (Feel): 8                       Effect:9
Price:8                                          R&R: 9
Density:8                                      Medicating Benefits:9