Virtual Hash Bash/ Skymints Wild Deal

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Episode 28: Virtual Hash Bash/ Skymints Crazy Deal
In this episode, we talk about the Virtual Hash Bash that took place on April 4th online instead of at the Diag on the University of Michigan Campus! Cannadave and Groovee did a wake and bake before the virtual hash bash and talk about what we saw and our experience since its virtual and not on the campus. Will a virtual hash bash happen again? What did we learn and think of the first virtual Hash Bash.
We talk about the crazy deal that a provisioning center called Skymint was running a cannabis sale for $10 eights in the middle of a Stay at Home Order! What do Cannadave and Groovee say about this? Was this the right thing to run in a time like this? Who is Skymint ran under? Is it Corporate Cannabis?
Cannabis Sale was just at an all-time high! Is that a coincidence? Many jobs are becoming added to our cannabis industry here in Michigan and we talk about how many people this will help!!  Groove also does a wax review on a new strain by monster extracts!! Does Groovee Like the new wax?
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