Skunkberry Strain Review

This strain review is on a new strain from a new dispensary I've been going to recently it’s called High Profile Cannabis Boutique.  The strain I got this time was Skunkberry and it's by High Life Farms. This particular strain was new when I went and the smell just grabbed me instantly as I cracked opened the jar.  High Life Farms has been one of the first legal licenses approved in the State of Michigan under the MMFLA. This means all of their products must be tested and approved to be bought and sold at a provision shop.  High Profile is also approved by the State of Michigan, which means everything sold there is taxed and has to be approved by the testing facilities to be sold there. Let's dive into this SkunkBerry Strain Review.

Skunkberry Look

The look of the Skunkberry was frosty throughout the entire jar and on the buds, I took home with me.  Small orange hairs on the buds but it was pretty covered in trichomes. Which is good because for smoking Marijuana the trichomes are what provides the high for you. The buds were all light green no other colors that I saw at least.

Skunkberry Smell

The Skunkberry had a couple of different smells that I got while opening the jar and breaking into the buds.  The main smell to me was a fruity but gassy smell mixed together, you also smelled citrus and of course the good gas like the smell of the old skunk genetics I remember smoking when I first started 10 years ago! I was hoping for more of a skunk smell because of the name but it was subtle.

Skunkberry Density

The buds of the Skunkberry the bigger buds were dense but gave a little push back when you squeezed the buds though. It wasn’t as dense as some cookie specific strains I’ve had but it did have some dense buds because a small nug weighed more than I thought for sure.

Skunkberry Feel

This particular batch of Skunkberry by High Life Farms wasn’t really to sticky even with the trichome coverage all around the buds. It was more on the drier side overall compared to being sticky or wet. Even though it was on the drier side it was properly cured I would say though.

SkunkBerry Price

The price of this was $50 for an eighth which is usually on the higher side for me. I don’t like to pay that much but since it's in a legal and approved place all pricing has gone up tremendously to start. It smelled good and looked good which is why I grabbed this strain for the price it was.

SKunkberry Taste

After rolling up the joint and dry hitting the joint it definitely had a fruity like taste that was overpowering very berry tasting.  Once the Joint was lit you tasted a subtle berry taste but also like an OG gas on the exhale. It did make you choke after a couple of hits.  But throughout the entire smoke, it was a nice smooth tasteful joint.

SkunkBerry Ash

The joint was pretty much pure white while it was being smoked. From the start to the end of the joint he was cleaned smoked. Which means High Life Farms did do a good job in the final weeks of flushing the plant to get rid of any chemicals and also the curing process to have a clean white smoke.

Skunkberry Effects

  • Pain Relief
  • Relaxation
  • Laughing
  • Creativity

Skunkberry Medical Effects

  • Relaxation
  • Anti-Anxiety
  • Increased Appetite
  • Pain Relief 

SkunkBerry R & R

I would recommend this strain and also I would repurchase this particular one because after doing the review and getting the eight I ended up choosing this one again a week later before writing up this review. It has good effects, good ash and I would say its quality cannabis they did a good job overall with growing this strain. If you like a good Skunky strain with a berry taste I would say this is definitely for you.

SkunkBerry Overall

Overall my opinion on the Skunkberry Strain is very good! I didn’t know what to expect when  I was picking out this strain other than it looked and smelled good. I didn’t realize it would be a tasty smooth smoke all the way through. Like I said the only thing that was a bummer to me would be the feel and the price of the bud.  It wasn’t really sticky like I said it was more on the drier side, and also the price for an eight to me was a little high because the $50 didn’t include tax either. I could see this for $40-$45 and eight and that would be perfect in my opinion.  My ratings on the strain review are 85.5/100 based on my strain review guide. Also, shout out to High Profile Cannabis in Detroit quality cannabis and great products. If you enjoyed this review go check out another strain review on Pink Panties strain.

If you have any questions you contact me here.  And Don't forget to Smoke Good and Love Life!

Before Smoke:                               After Smoke:

Look: 8                                               Taste: 8.5

Aroma:8.5                                             Ash: 9.5

Stickiness (Feel): 8                            Effect:9

Price:8                                                R&R: 9

Density:8                                            Medicating Benefits:9