Super Lemon Haze Review

Super Lemon Haze Strain

Super Lemon Haze

This review is on the Super Lemon Haze Strain.  This particular strain is a Sativa Dominant Hybrid and part of the Haze family. Its crosses are two top cannabis strains which are Lemon Skunk and Super Silver Haze.  I am a huge fan personally of the skunk genetics from sweet Island skunk to the original Skunk #1 Strain, which has provided genetics being used in crosses for decades.
Super Lemon Haze definitely has a huge lemon terpene flavor to it.  Many consider the Haze Genetics to be some of the Top Shelf Cannabis strains! Purple Haze is a top strain around and I am looking for this strain to do a review on it other Hazes are  Amnesia Haze, Ghost Train Haze, and of course Super Silver Haze. I got this strain at The Reef Detroit and the reason why is because I always love my uplifting strains for the daytime.

Super Lemon Haze Aroma:

As you opened the container you got a huge whiff of citrus strong lemon.  You can tell it has a sweet Lemon smell mixed with a very deep earthy undertone that just stands out.  It's an extreme lemon when broken up before smoking.

Super Lemon Haze Look:

The Super Lemon Haze has a light green color around the entire buds, mixed with thick orange hairs.  They specifically stood out because they were long and pretty big not always like that.  SLH was extremely frosty and covered with trichomes.

Super Lemon Haze Density:

 The big buds were pretty dense compared to the lighter buds they were a little bit lighter and not as dense. SLH had a great bud structure which made the buds look beautiful.

Super Lemon HazeStickiness:

SLH Strain
It wasn't too sticky of strain, but it did leave a good smelling residue on your fingertips that just strong lemon.  You did have the smell on your fingers for a little bit because I noticed later It was still smelling like lemon lol.

Super Lemon Haze Price:

This particular strain was on their mid-shelf when I got it which was 4g 1/8 for $40. It's not a bad deal considering the time there wasn't many appealing Sativa's on the Shelf.

Super Lemon Haze Taste:

Once the joint was rolled up this time in an Element ultra thin paper it has a unique lemon taste. You can definitely tell in this strain that the lemon terpene flavor stood out. The first initial hit was a strong Lemon taste mixed with a citrus smell. It tastes better than it smells, just such a great taste you could smoke it all to yourself.

Super Lemon Haze Ash:

 The ash I would say is the disappoint because it was more black or dark grey compared to white ash. That could have made this particular strain a top-shelf worthy with full white ash.

Super Lemon Haze R & R:

I would definitely recommend this strain if you are looking for energy or just a happy day overall this will be perfect for you. I would repurchase this strain again because I love the Haze Family and its just an energetic smoke!

Super Lemon Haze Effects:

Super Lemon Haze Medical Effects:
- Stress Relief
- Increased Appetite
- Pain Relief
- Anti Anxiety
Super Lemon Haze Overall:
This is definitely a heavy hitter, its great for creativity. You could definitely tell this was a Sativa strain because you just felt like your head was just floating in the clouds. It was a great smoke and excellent taste. The only thing that was a disappoint was the ash and at the end it wasn't the best. 

My ratings on the strain review are 84/100 based on my strain review guide. If you enjoyed this review go check out another strain review on Pink Panties strain.

If you have any questions you contact me here.  And Don't forget to Smoke Good and Love Life!


Before Smoke:                               After Smoke:
Look: 8.5                                       Taste: 8.5
Aroma:8                                         Ash: 7
Stickiness (Feel): 8                          Effect:9
Price:8                                           R&R: 9
Density:8                                      Medicating Benefits:9