What are CBD Creams?

A CBD cream is a cannabis-infused topical cream used for pain relief. These creams are used to relieve pain from minor muscle aches to painful side effects from injury and illness.
Some people don't like the high you get from smoking marijuana, so CDB creams are a great alternative for those individuals.
These creams have grown in popularity among athletes and folks with laborious occupations due to it's relief of muscle pain.
Since these creams are different than THC products, many health professionals view cannabidoil infused creams as the golden child of non-psychoactive medicinal cannabis products.
The factor that sets creams apart from the majority of other medical marijuana products on the market is the method of application. Instead of ingesting the creams. they're absorbed through your skin.
How do CBD Topical Creams Work?
Here's the low down on how these things work.
Homeostasis (maintains hunger, pain, mood, and memory) is regulated by the help endocannibinoids, which are natural signals in your body. A CDB cream essentially ups your bodies tolerance of pain by absorption through the skin.
Let's look at a bodybuilder for example. As the bodybuilder lifts heavy weight, he tears the fibers in his muscles. As these micro-tears heal, he will fill sore.
When internal mediators rush to the cite of the tear to repair it, a CBD cream would limit the inflammatory response without slowing the healing process, resulting in less pain and efficient repair. 
There are all kinds of creams out there on the market that you can try including:
  • Apothecanna's Extra Strength
  • Whoopi & Maya's Medical Cannabis Rub
  • Mary's Nutritionals Muscle Freeze
  • Elixinol's CBD Rescue Balm
If you have tried any of these or use one that isn't on the list, let me know about your experience in the comments.
If you haven't tried a CBD cream, give them a shot. You may like them.