What is the Best Way to Trim Marijuana Plants?

What is the Best Way to Trim Marijuana Plants?

You've sat there and waited patiently for your marijuana trichomes to reach the peak of cannabinoid content. The flowering is complete, and now it'stime to get your harvest on.

But after you cut your plant down, should you trim marijuana when it's wet or dry? Good question.

When it comes to trimming marijuana plants when they're wet and when they're dry, you'll find advantages and disadvantages for both methods. The method that works for one grower might not be the best way for another.

So which one is best for you? Let's break it down and figure it out together the good ol' Cannadave way.

Removing Fan Leaves

Before any trimming, remember that you need to remove the fan leaves. This should be taken care of prior to trimming either wet or dry. You can remove the leaves by hand, with scissors, or with a hand-held trimmer.

Cannabinoid concetrate isn't too high in leaves, so you don't need to keep them. Make sure to not confuse the fan leaves with the sugar leaves. Those are close to the flower and contain a good amount of cannabinoids and should be saved for extraction.

Dry Marijuana Trimming

Dry trimming is the method used after you have hung and dried your plant. If you do it by hand, it can take quite a while to do due to the leaves being stucks against the sides of the flower.

If you're a large grower, you'll need a lot of extra hands on deck, especially if you don't have a budget for a commercial trim machine. Having enough hands to cover all the plants can be costly as well.

If you do have enough for a trimming machine, invest in one that can be easily dismantled and cleaned for quick maintenance. As a grower, you'll find it beneficial to take your time considering the right machine for you. You'll need to see it in action to guage how fast and efficient it is at trimming.

Wet Marijuana Trimming

Wet trimming is the method used right after the plant has been cut. Unlike dry trimming, it is fairly easy and faster to wet trim by hand since the plant material is perpendicular to the flower itself.

The sugar leaves are much easier to cut with scissors because they haven't stuck to the flower. If you prefer, there are tools for wet trimming that you can find and use. Some growers will utilize these trimmers to speed up the process and make fan leaf removal a little faster as well.

Although I would say that wet trimming seems a bit easier to do, it all depends on what your situation is. Dry trimming and wet trimming are both valid options. Just make sure to select a process that fits your schedule and budget.

Love life and smoke good, Cannafam.