Strawberris & Cream Strain Review

Strawberry Strain

Strawberries & Cream Strain

This review is on Strawberries & Cream Strain, it's a Sativa dominant hybrid.  Its part of the strawberry genetics because it's Strawberry Cough and The White mix. It has one of the old school strains the Strawberry Cough.
It's funny because when I first started smoking Strawberry was one of my favorites like the Sour Diesel. You don't see much of the Strawberry Cough genetics around anymore which is why I gravitated towards that strain.
I picked up the Strawberry strain at The Reef Detroit. It's in Detroit and has a great facility with a friendly staff.

Strawberries & Cream Aroma:

It had hints of strawberries, light pine/evergreen smell. It also had a slight smell of candy like juicy fruit.

Strawberries & Cream Look:

Strawberries & Cream Strain
The buds had hints of light purple through some of the buds, long straggly orange hair, covered in trichomes,  It looked sugar coated with light green small buds.  When you broke it up it was extremely keif.

Strawberries & Cream Density:

The buds I received were smaller compact smaller hard buds. They were dense but not extremely dense but had good bud structure.

Strawberries & Cream Stickiness

The Strain was not too sticky, it was more dry than anything.  It did leave a little residue on your fingertips leaving a piny smell.


Strawberries & Cream Price


The Reef had a deal running on the day I came in. They had the strain at 15g usually runs 40 a 1/8 But I was able to get 5 grams for the price of 4 which is a hell of a deal, to begin with, let's see if its quality.

Strawberries & Cream Taste

Strawberries & Cream Strain Review
As you sparked the joint you got an instant earthy pine taste, very smooth, with a subtle hint of Strawberries.  You can taste the Strawberry genetics in the bud.  The smoke made your nose hairs tingle.

Strawberries & Cream Ash:

The joint was semi white with black spots throughout.  You can tell they flushed the plant but if probably gave it another day or so you could have had an even better tasting bud with a clean white ash.

Strawberries & Cream Effect:

-Instant rush
-Heavy Effects

Strawberries & Cream R&R:

I would definitely recommend giving this strain a try especially if you're looking for a good Sativa Strain because of the creativity and uplifting effects you feel.  I would repurchase this again and have some as my personal stash throughout the week to get more content out. For those who don't drink, this joint is like a glass a wine.

Strawberries & Cream Medical Effects:

-Ease Stomach pains
-bodily functions returned to normal after all day intense pain
-Increased Appetite
-Pain Relief
Overall Review of Strawberries and Cream:

I enjoyed Strawberries & Cream Strain. I thought it had great effects for being a Sativa Dominant Hybrid and a decent taste.

The effects blew me away in this review, but the ash was a disappointment because, in my opinion, it could have been whiter of an ash. But It did what you would want the strain to do and that is why I thought this strain was great.

My ratings on the strain review are 84/100 based on my strain review guide. If you enjoyed this review go check out another strain review on Berner's Snowman.

The next strain review is on Red Velvet Cake. If you have any questions you contact me here.  Stay Tuned and Smoke Good!


Strain Review Ratings: 84/100


Before Smoke:                                            After Smoke:

Look: 8.5                                              Taste:8.5

Aroma:8                                               Ash: 7

Stickiness (Feel):7.5                             Effect:9

Price:9                                                  R&R:9

Density:8                                             Medicating Benefits:9.5