Strain Review Guide


Strain Review Guide

The strain review index is how I will be basing my scores on the medical products I try at the provisioning centers to let you know if they are overall a good strain in my opinion. There are 10 categories each scaled 1-10 with 1 being the worst and 10 being the best.  They are broken into 2 separate categories before smoking and after smoking.

Before Medicating:

Aroma 1-10: 1 being the worst smells from nutrients or a hay like smell not properly cured right, maybe it smells almost moldy like. A 10 would be your potent loud pack a strong cookie, diesel, and skunky smells that are just so potent you smell it through the bag or container it is in.

Look 1-10: 1 being the worst would like your brown brick bud with no visible trichomes on the cannabis. Not covered in sugar leaves with not much bud (trimmed poorly). A 10 would be trimmed great, nice bud with a light color, also covered in trichomes and also with some sort of hints of other colors in the bud like purple.

Price 1-10: Price can be tricky sometimes because I will be basing in on the deal of the product before you smoke it and after you smoke it. You can get a great deal for something at $25 for 3.5 or pay $40 for the same amount it just depends on the overall product after you smoke it.

Feel (Stickiness) 1-10: 1 would be your strain that doesn't have to much feel to it not really sticky at all. It could still be wet not completely dried or cured all the way. Which is the final process for growing the medical cannabis.  A 10 would be your well-cured bud not wet but not to dry. It definitely has some stickiness to the cannabis, where you would feel your fingers stuck together after touching the bud.

 Density 1-10: 1 would be your light very airy buds that don't weigh much at all. It looks like you get a lot but really they just are airy buds. A 10 would be your super dense nugs that look very small and tiny but yet are compact and dense and weigh a lot more than you expected. Similar to your cookie genetics like girl scout cookie nice dense buds.


After Medicating:

Taste 1-10: 1 would be your nutrient taste doesn't really taste like much. Has a plain hay or almost grass-like taste. The joint wasn't flushed properly with horrible taste makes you want to put the cannabis down in a bad way. A 10 would be is the taste of a sweet, earthy pine or taste of cookies or a nice candy taste. The joint is so good that you can't put it down because of how good it tastes.

Ash 1-10:  1 would be your black ash no white in the ash at all. This means joint wouldn't stay lit and you have to continue relighting the joint throughout the medicating process. A 10 would be your smooth clean smoke, with a noticeable white ash. White Ash means it was flushed properly near the end of the cannabis cycle. The black ash means the grower didn't take care of it towards the ending or got lazy which makes the medical cannabis not good on the lungs.  Always look for the clean white ash makes for a healthier smoke. 

High (Time) 1-10: A 1 would be you feel no effect or nothing much within medicating 2,5,7 mins or even the late creeping highs 20 mins after smoking. You aren't feeling any of the medicinal effects you are looking for when choosing that particular strain either Sativa, Indica, Hybrid. A 10 would be you feel the effect instantly within a hit or a minute or two of smoking. The effect does what its supposed to do and has a longer lasting high rather than a couple minutes or not feeling anything at all.

Recommend & Repurchase 1-10:  A 1 would be not recommended at all to anyone who can smoke or medicates.  I wouldn't repurchase the product which I wouldn't recommend anyone else to do in my opinion.  It's not recommended because of the effects and I wouldn't want people who are looking for a medical relief from a specific strain to try it and have a bad experience.  A 10 would be definitely recommended for anyone who can enjoy the strain, I would recommend repurchasing and also saving some for a while because you never know when you will get that strain again haha.

Medicating Benefits 1-10: 1 would be you would not feel any medicating benefits at all. A 10 is when you feel the medication working properly for the ailment you have.  Did this strain help you out overall.

Overall 1-100: Is based on everything encompassed into one the whole experience with the specific strain from before smoking to while tasting the product. It is rated out of 100 each category has its own scale 1/10 and overall will give you my final product rating.

This is how I determine my ratings on each strain. Thank you for following along and let me know what you all think of my strain reviews.