Sherblato Strain Review

 Update on 4/6/2020:

Sherblato Strain Review.  Was able to find this strain again and had to do a review on it because I've only seen it a couple of times! This particular strain was gotten from High Profile Detroit! It's called High Profile Boutique, and this was their blend grown by Galatic Meds! It's the sister company to Cloud Cover Cannabis who is the growers for High Profile!


Sherblato Strain

Before Smoking:

Look 9/10: Sherblato Completely frosty tiny orange hairs and covered in trichomes.

Aroma 8/10: Sherblato Smell more sweet-smelling and a slight cookie smell as well.

Stickiness (Feel) 8.5/10: This particular batch was more slightly more sticker than the first Sherblato strain I tried.  

Price 9/10: It was on a special that day it was $30 for an eighth. You can't beat that kinda deal on good quality cannabis nowadays. Worth the investment in the price for this product.

Density 8.5/10: This strain was little more dense than the original one I tried. It's not airy or fluffy at all which is something I personally like.



Taste 9/10: It has a sweet cookie taste if your a fan of cookies you will like this. I really like the crosses sherbert and gelato and I think you taste both of those in this strain.

Ash 9/10: The ash is pretty white, not much black or grey in it which is great to see. Didn't have to relight a joint either.

Effect 9/10: Great Mellow buzz with relaxation in the body. Smoked it in the morning and it didn't knock me out at all just a great body buzz and relief.

Recommend & Repurchase 9/10: Definitely worth to repurchase this. Especially if you go to High Profile They have daily deals on their strains. Sherblato Strain is one of theirs so they will be having this in stock so if you want to check it out and try it go to High Profile and ask for Sherblato by Galatic Meds.

 Medicating Benefits 8.5/10: This strain would be great for

  • Pain Relief
  • Anti-Anxiety
  • Increased Appetite


Sherblato Strain

Overall Sherblato from High Profile by Galatic Meds was better than the Sherblato I received from 420 Dank in Detroit. Just a couple things stood out to me from this batch over the other and that was the clean white ash, the price, and overall better relaxing high. The fact that i knew the company who produced this product it also was tested first time with sherblato don't know if it was tested. My Overall Score for the Sherblato Strain Review is 87.5/100









Sherblato is a strong Indica dominant hybrid that packs a punch!  The Crosses that make up Sherblato are Sherbert and Gelato!   Sherbert is a cross between Pink Panties x Girl Scout Cookies, while Gelato is a cross between Sunset Sherbert x Thin Mint GSC.  That makes a case for a high-end medical strain of cannabis.  I was able to pick up again and this time write a strain review on it. Here is my strain review on sherblato!


Sherblato Strain


When you first crack open that jar of Sherblato you smell a strong gas smell very pungent but with a second blast of a strong cookie that quickly overpowers the gas. It definitely shows you that the cookie genetics are very strong in this particular strain because you only smelled that after you open the jar!  After grinding the weed up you just smell cookie, with a hint of citrus. It was a very pungent smell, more so after breaking down the bud.  

The look of the buds was a dark green, with a tint of orange because of the tiny hairs around the bud.  It also had little hues of purple on the bud mixed throughout.  The bud also has a nice shine to them because of the trichomes covering all around.

The feel of the Sherblato after picking it up was a little sticky when squished between your fingers. It did leave a very nice smell on your fingertips.  The buds were pretty dense, definitely took the shape of Indica dominant strains.  It had no airy nugs at all some of them were dense popcorn buds.

Sherblato Strain


Smoking Sherblato


The Taste of Sherblato was something else, if you love the cookie genetics this strain is for you.  Strong cookie taste, very overpowering it even made your nose hairs burn a little on those bigger puffs. There was a slight hint of citrus though but mostly cookie.  I was very impressed with the joint and how it smoked, the white zigzags were used or use your favorite glass pipe

The ash on the joint was a clean white ash. This particular strain had a good flush at the end of the flowering cycle to get rid of all its nutrients from the plant's system.

The high was pretty instant after the first puff you felt the body buzz coming on pretty quick maybe about 2 minutes in if even that.  It was a relaxing smoke session with Sherblato. Not too much anxiety as you were inhaling the smoke compared to some cookie strains that have given me the paranoia feeling. The mellowness was nice for a good smoke after a long day. 


Medicating with Sherblato


While smoking the joint listening to Medication by Damian Marley and Stephen Marley with Wiz Khalifa.  If you enjoy the Marley brothers or Wiz light one up to it.

Sherblato I would definitely recommend the strain to anyone who is a connoisseur with cannabis because it packs a punch. I would repurchase this strain again also because of the taste and the benefits it provided after medicating.

Sherblato was a great strain and I was able to get it at 420 Dank in Detroit.  It was at a reasonable price at 10g. It helps wonders if you're in pain from an injury, chronic pain or had a long exhausting day this helps take the ease off. It helped my stomach personally to eat for the first time in the day without having pains. 

Final Take

My overall review on the strain Sherblato is 83/100 and this is based on the rating system for the strain review guide.  If you ever find Sherblato in your state either legal or medicinal I would definitely give it a try and let me know what you think.  The next review is on Snowman Strain. Until then thank you and Smoke Good!

Before Smoke:                                            After Smoke:

Look=  8.5                                                     Taste:9

Aroma=    8                                                 Ash:7.5

Stickiness (Feel)=  7.5                               Effect:9

Price = 8                                                     Recommend & Repurchase:9

Density=   8                                                 Medicating Benefits:8.5


Overall Score:83/100