Mimosa Strain Review

Mimosa Picture

Mimosa Strain

This Strain Review is on the Cross between Purple Punch and Clementine giving you an uplifting Sativa Dominant Strain. Its similar to the drink mix Orange Juice and Champagne. This Strain is Mimosa, it has a rich terpene profile and a potent cross.
I was especially excited to smoke this strain once I found out it was a Sativa. I noticed it as soon as I saw it at the store. The look and the smell stood out to me when I cracked open the jar.  Let's get started on the Mimosa Strain Review.

Mimosa Look:

The Mimosa had a light green bud look with crystals covering all around the buds. You did notice small orange hairs throughout. It was trimmed well making the shape of the buds nicely round.
Mimosa Kush

Mimosa Smell:

The Smell of Mimosa is not like the drink that we are all a accustomed to lol. It has a fruity funky smell as you cracked open the bottle of the Mimosa Strain. Hints of citrus and a little sweetness after the first whiff of the strain.

Mimosa Feel:

The texture of the bud wasn't really sticky at all. It did leave that funky smell on your fingertips (which is good).

Mimosa Density:

The bigger nug I received had extremely dense buds similar to the Zkittlez Strain Review. The smaller buds weren't as dense but they didn't bounce back after squeezing them.

Mimosa Price:

The Price for this strain was 4gs/$40 which was a nice deal for quality medicinal Cannabis. Which at the Reef Detroit that's a normal special they have running on there shelf.

Mimosa Taste:

Upon lighting the joint as you inhaled the dry hit it tasted like the smell the fruity funky mix. It had hints of an citrus taste mixed with a bite into a sweet vanilla candy. Its definitely a heavy hitter can make you choke while smoking.
Mimosa Bud

Mimosa Ash:

The ash was white ash. It wasn't dark black and it did stay lit throughout the joint session. It did have some light gray which overall I was happy to see this.

Mimosa Effects:

- Relaxation
- Clear Thinking
- Body Buzz

Mimosa R & R:

I would recommend this strain because of the heavy medicating effects when you smoke it. I also enjoy the strain because of the Sativa dominant effects that you get while medicating.  If you are looking for a good day time smoke this strain would be perfect for you.  I would make sure to keep a bud handy for those days you need extra motivation to get the chores done.

Mimosa Medicinal Effects:

-Anti Anxiety
-Increased Appetite
-Body Relaxation
Mimosa Overall:
My Overall opinion on the Mimosa Strain is it's definitely worth it to give this a strain a test. I personally would get it again and save a small jar in secret spot for a nice smoke. I was pretty impressed with the strain from The Reef Detroit.

My ratings on the strain review are 83/100 based on my strain review guide. If you enjoyed this review go check out another strain review on Pink Panties strain.

If you have any questions you contact me here.  Stay Tuned and Smoke Good!

Before Smoke:                               After Smoke:
Look:8                                            Taste:8
Aroma:8.5                                       Ash: 8
Stickiness (Feel):7                           Effect: 8.5
Price:8.5                                         R&R: 8.5
Density:9.5                                      Medicating Benefits:8.5