Purple Punch Strain Review



Purple Punch Strain


Purple Punch Strain is an Indica dominant with the crosses being Larry OG and Granddaddy Purple. The aroma was a deep grape smell, extremely pungent. The grape was so dominant in the smell even after you broke up the bud, it was quite amazing that you just had to try it.  The look of Purple Punch is just "WOW" the crystals are so frosty.  It looked like an ice sheet glistening in the light with the sun reflecting on it, just covered in trichomes the whole nug.  The buds were purple coated all the way around with little blemishes of green.

Trichome Covered Purple Punch Nug

The Purple Punch wasn't too sticky at all but when grabbed the nugs trichomes did stay on your fingers. The buds looked very dense like cookie genetics but the nug I had was a lot bigger than some cookies. I also thought the bud structure was very nice with the buds.


Medicating with Purple Punch

Once you broke up the bud and had that last whiffed everything went downhill from there.  The bud tasted very harsh, which was a huge disappointment.  It had a little sweet grape taste but barely any because the harshness ruined it.  The Ash was a dark black color and it didn't stay lit throughout the session.  You constantly had to relight the joint to keep it going. Taste and Ash are huge for me when doing my reviews and with how beautiful the purple punch strain smelled, these were utter disappointments.

The effect was definitely Indica dominant because I just sunk into the couch right away especially after taking the first couple puffs of the joint.  It started in the head and slowly felt the body relaxation go into full effect. Like the saying goes Indica "in da couch" I definitely felt that after smoking.  I would recommend the purchase again because of the effects you felt for your heavier users.

Purple Punch Hybrid Strain

Purple Punch is definitely more for your cannasuers compared to beginners starting their journey with medicinal cannabis. Its great strain for pain relief and bedtime use. The price wasn't bad $40 for an eighth of the medicine, I see that now because of how the taste and ash were could've been pricer for sure.

Purple Punch strain was an excellent review because it looked amazing just wasn't flushed properly for a harsh taste.  I prefer to taste my cannabis, that is why I usually buy the flower and opt to smoke that way instead of vaping. Overall the Purple Punch is a 73/100.  I will test it again just not at the moment. Thanks for stopping by and taking a look at my strain review on Purple Punch. My next review is on Thin Mint Cookie Strain. Stay Tuned and Smoke Good!


Before Smoke:                                            After Smoke:

Look=  9                                                      Taste: 3

Aroma=     9.5                                             Ash: 2

Stickiness (Feel)=  7.5                               Effect:8

Price = 8                                                     Recommend & Repurchase:8.5

Density=   9                                                Medicating Benefits:8.5


Overall Score: 73/100