Khalifa Kush Strain Review

Khalifa Kush Strain Review


Khalifa Kush Strain


Wiz Khalifa the musician has had a strain created for himself called Khalifa Kush or "KK". It is a Hybrid strain but with an Indica dominant effect like a heavy OG Kush. The Khalifa Kush strain is exclusive and makes most cannasuers want to try it because of the celebrity name attached to it. 

The KK Strain is a heavy hitter especially because Wiz Khalifa is a heavy cannabis activist and is always smoking cannabis.  You can see Wiz Khalifa in all of his music videos or on stage smoking cannabis it wouldn't be fitting if it had a low THC percentage for him. I picked up the strain at 420 Dank in Detroit.


Before Smoking Khalifa Kush

 First taking a nice glance at Khalifa Kush it was a light green around all the tops of the buds with a little darker green underneath.  It had orange hairs covering the top of the bud and all around it was covered in trichomes.  The strong OG earthy aroma hit has you popped open the jar of the KK.  It definitely had an earthy undertone with a strong OG kush smell.

Khalifa Kush Strain

The buds were very sticky that I got and as you squeezed the bud it stuck to your fingers a little bit. After you could see the THC heads on your fingertips. Khalifa Kush wasn't extremely dense but not airy either. The top of the nugs were dense and the bottoms didn't fatten up yet. I had to do the Khalifa Kush review once I saw that it was only at 10g, that's a reasonable price and for the name brand had to give it ago.

Medicating Khalifa Kush

 After grinding the weed up and rolling a joint of the KK I had to put on a song by Wiz Khalifa. Before sparking up the Khalifa Kush I decided to go with the song KK by Wiz Khalifa ft Project Pat and Juicy J. It was only fitting to do it and let me tell you it did set the mood perfectly.

Once the joint was sparked you could taste the strong hit of OG.  It was very smooth and it was definitely potent because it could choke you on a giant puff.  I did enjoy the taste and it had a nice white ash which helped make the joint so smooth and not harsh.  They definitely took care of the final product, I love to see that when using cannabis as medication. 

The effect I felt instantly was a body buzz Indica effect. It was heavier body effects with a couch lock right away. I Couldn't get up once the joint was finished. 

Khalifa Kush in a Joint

I would definitely recommend and repurchase this strain because of the strong Indica effects and it's great for heavy users looking for a strong strain to smoke less. It would be great for pain relief, chronic pain, and body relaxation after a long day for benefits while medicating with Khalifa Kush.


Khalifa Kush Strain Review

 Overall It's a great strain and would tell everyone to try it out once especially if you are a cannasuers in cannabis.  The body buzz lasted for a good 45 minutes it was a heavy hitter and really was impressed with this strain in particular. 

Thanks for reading my strain review on Khalifa Kush and let me know your thoughts. I rated the Khalifa Kush 84/100 based on my strain review guide. The next strain review will be on Nightmare Cookies.  Stay Tuned and Smoke Good!

Strain Review Ratings:

Before Smoke:                                            After Smoke:

Look:8                                                      Taste:8

Aroma:8.5                                                Ash:8

Stickiness (Feel): 8                                 Effect:9

Price:9                                                    Recommend & Repurchase:9

Density: 7.5                                             Medicating Benefits:9


 Overall Score: 84/100