Bert's Cookie Review

 Berts Cookie Strain


Bert's Cookie Strain


The Strain review is on Bert's Cookie from 420 Dank in Detroit.  Bert's cookie is a hybrid more so Indica dominant. 

The Aroma of Bert's Cookie was just a strong smell of a sweet cookie crossed with a hint of an earthy undertone.  It was a very pungent smell that you couldn't miss when you cracked open the bottle. The cookie smell was so strong that you could've eaten the nugs just by the sweet smell.  The Buds were nice small compact nugs with light green covering the buds.  The purple tint was surrounding the light green buds, with a shiny coat of trichomes over the entire bud. 

The Buds weren't too sticky more on the drier side.  After picking them up and squeezing them a little bit to see how sticky it was not much residue left on your fingers.  The small cookie nugs were more dense than airy but didn't have the same dense structure as other dominant cookie strains.  The price was at 10g overall it was a good buy.  It was decent in compared to some of the other strains they had at the shop that day.

 Bert's Cookie Hybrid Strain Review


Medicating with Bert's Cookie


After I broke down the strain rolled it up in an ultra-thin zig-zag, I then lit the joint and sat back and took the first hit and slowly exhaled.  A sweeter taste once you inhaled the first hit of Bert's cookie.  Had a hint of a diesel and small hit of blueberry you got also, but after the exhale it was a cookie aftertaste that made your nose hairs stand up after exhaling. 

The joint was very smooth all the way through.  The ash was a little darker could have been a little whiter, just need the extra flush for the perfect white ash.  It was a head rush at first once smoking the joint, but after it started to turn into more of a body buzz that quickly took over. The body buzz was a creeper high and the onset was 10 mins after medicating. The heavy body buzz was mostly what you felt and the head high quickly turned into a relaxation.

I would definitely recommend this purchase for any medical patients that get a chance to try this specific strain.  It's worth it for your heavy Indica users who prefer those heavy strains.  I would repurchase this for myself and keep a little bit in a private container. The medicating benefits this has is perfect for your insomniacs. This strain will help with Insomnia for the relaxation and help ease your mind at night.  The chronic pain relief is great with Bert's cookie, this would be great for anyone experience back pain or ankle pain in the day use this at night to help you get a better rest. Another relief symptom would be relieved anxiety, this strain would be helpful for.

Berts Cookie Overall

My Overall review on Bert's Cookie from 420 Dank in Detroit was 80.5/100. I based my review of Bert's Cookie by the strain review guide.  I really enjoyed the heavy Indica effect I had in the evening after medicating.  It had a great taste and a very smooth joint for medicating, it could have improved in my opinion the ash of the joint, and the stickiness of the bud would give it a higher score. My next review is Blue Zittles Strain. Until next time Smoke Good!

Before Smoke:                                            After Smoke:

Look=  8                                                    Taste:8.5

Aroma=    8                                               Ash:7.5

Stickiness (Feel)=  8                                 Effect:8

Price = 8                                                    Recommend & Repurchase:8.5

Density=   7.5                                            Medicating Benefits:8.5


Overall Score:80.5/100