Thin Mint Cookie Strain Review

Thin Mint Cookie Buds


Thin Mint Cookie Strain


The heavy hitter known as Thin Mint Cookie is for your more experienced users because it usually packs a pretty good punch. Thin Mint is a cross between Durban Poison and OG Kush giving it a pretty good split of both Indica and Sativa.

I was able to get this strain at the High Times Medical Cup in Clio Michigan this past weekend.  It's a pretty big Cannabis Cup because not many happen in the Midwest.  The Michigan Cannabis Cup held many vendors and I was able to get Thin Mint Cookies from Alpha Buddz.  I picked this strain and a couple others because they have excellent Concentrate, and I wanted to give their flower a try.

Before Rolling Up:

The Thin Mint Cookie had a piney smell mixed with slight background smell of a cookie.  It wasn't overpowering compared to some other cookie dominant strains I have previously medicated with. When I broke it up that's when the Cookie smell came out it was a little bit more noticeable but not by much. 

Thin Mint Cookie Strain had dark purple buds with tiny orange hairs everywhere. It was very frosty like glistening icicles in the winter after a fresh melting of snow.  The buds weren't wet at all and they were very compact and dense.  It wasn't too sticky of strain but after squeezing the bud a little THC residue was left on your fingertips.


Thin Mint Cookie From Alpha Buddz


Lighting Up & Relaxing:

The taste didn't stand out to me very much. Wasn't too impressed especially when you are thinking of a cookie those are usually your heavy hitters.  It did have a slight cookie taste but the joint became a little bit harsher the more you smoked. 

It started with a light white ash, but after the further, it went the ash was darker.  Pretty bummed when this happens because its usually just meaning they rushed the final week of the cycle.  This hurts the patients worse because they think they are getting quality bud and by the time they smoke it, its worse for the user because it's harsh and still has chemicals left in the bud.

It was definitely Indica dominant with it starting in the body. You felt just relaxed for 45 mins after smoking. It was a little bit of creeper but it lasted awhile.  


After Thoughts:

I would repurchase the strain because Thin Mint Cookie has a good genetics and usually is a very tasty strain because of the cookies.  I don't know if I would get their specific strain again but from somewhere else yes I would get it again.  I would recommend this because of the medicinal benefits it provides to the consumer.  It would help with sleep, anxiety, pain relief and if you have a headache because this did help get rid of mine that day.

I did get it at the Cannabis Cup and for the price, it was a fair deal.  Glad I was able to do a strain reviw on Thin Mint Cookie. I will probably do another review on one in the near future. That was my Thin Mint Cookie Strain review on Alpha Buddz. If you have smoked Thin Mint before let me know what you thought of the strain.

Overall the Thin Mint Cookie is 73/100.  I will test it again just not at the moment.  My next review is on Khalifa Kush Strain or KK Strain. Stay Tuned and Smoke Good!

Strain Review Ratings:

Before Smoke:                                            After Smoke:

Look=  8                                                      Taste: 7.5

Aroma=    6                                                 Ash: 6

Stickiness (Feel)=  6.5                               Effect: 7.5

Price = 8                                                     Recommend & Repurchase: 7

Density=  8.5                                               Medicating Benefits:8



Overall Score: 73/100