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Acai Gelato Strain


This review is on the Acai Gelato Strain. I picked this up at one of my favorite provisioning centers 420 Dank in Detroit, Mi.  I knew when I saw the strain name I thought it was going to be good just because it had the name "Gelato" in it. I recently have enjoyed the Gelato Cookie strains because of the taste and the effects. 

Even though I don't always recommend going just by a strain name but more importantly by the effects, taste, and how it makes you feel when choosing your cannabis strain.  As you noticed I have done many strain reviews with cookie genetics but that is because they are very popular in my area and also I bet in other legal or medicinal states.

Acai Gelato Before Medicating:

The look was extremely frosty with a light green base of the nug and darker towards the top of the nugs. There were some purple throughout the bud structure with many small orange hairs around.

Acai Gelato Strain Info 

Acai Gelato Aroma:

The Aroma of the Acai Gelato was a berry hint with an earthy undertone.  It also had a strong cookie smell that lingered after with a mix of honey also. When broken down to prepare for smoking the cookie smell was very prominent and that's what stood out to me the most.

Acai Gelato Feel:

When squeezed or touched the Acai Gelato strain wasn't too sticky at all but bounced back a little after the squeeze.  You did get a little bit of cookie smell after you squeezed it but not much.  The nugs were small and dense but not rock hard dense as you would think coming from a cookie genetic background.

Acai Gelato Broken up

 Acai Gelato During Medicating:

Acai Gelato Taste:

Before lighting the joint I always like to take a dry hit to see how it tastes.  It had cookie mix with a berry taste.  Once the joint was sparked it had strong cookie taste, with a little bit of a honey taste after the initial hit. The bud was good and very smooth tasting throughout the process.   It wasn't your most overpowering cookie taste but it definitely was enjoyable. 

The ash wasn't too bad on the joint. It stayed lit throughout but it was darker towards the top of the ash. 

The instant relief I felt was a body buzz after the first couple puffs. It did settle a headache I had before medicating with the strain. It was definitely a heavy hitter and for your more experienced users. I would say this Acai Gelato is a Hybrid Indica dominant based on the effects I received. If your first time smoking I wouldn't recommend smoking a lot, just a bowl or couple hits will feel just great. You will feel the effects instantly. 

I would definitely recommend this strain to medical users it provides the relief you are looking for in the strain.  Also enjoyable because of the smell and how it tasted during the joint.  Definitely one to repurchase and keep for personal stash.

Acai Gelato Medicinal Effects:

  • Insomnia
  • Stomach Problems
  • No Anxiety
  • Headache Relief
  • Body Relief

 Acai Gelato in Jar

Overall Experience Acai Gelato:

I enjoyed the strain Acai Gelato and was impressed with the strain. The smell of the product and the unique taste were exceptional in this review. The price for the product was at 10g can't complain. My rating on the Acai Gelato Strain Review is 84/100 based on my strain review guide. The next strain review will be on Jungle Boys Gelato.  If you have any questions you contact me here.  Stay Tuned and Smoke Good!


Strain Review Ratings:

 Before Smoke:                                            After Smoke:

Look: 8.5                                               Taste:9

Aroma:9                                               Ash: 8

Stickiness (Feel): 7.5                           Effect:8.5

Price:8                                                  R&R:9

Density: 7.5                                           Medicating Benefits:9