Urbexing Hot Spots: Thorn Apple Valley Slaughterhouse

Thorn Apple Valley Detroit Mi


Urbexing Hot Spots: Thorn Apple Valley Slaughterhouse

In the 1900’s, Downtown Detroit experienced major growth from the Dequindre Cut rail line that ran close to the Eastern Market. Allen Industries, a company known for manufacturing carpet cushion at the time, established a facility right above the cut.

That building would become what is known today as the abandoned Thorn Apple Valley Slaughterhouse.

Most likely in the mid 1960’s, the old cushion plant was bought by a meat processing company called Frederick Packing.

Their first move started with the conversion of the south part of the building, turning it into a multi-story cooler. In 1972, additional space in the warehouse came to be.

Thorn Apple Valley was not the original name of the building. It went through many different name changes before the owners settled on TAV. Unfortunately, in 1999, the company went bankrupt, and the building was left alone.

Thorn Apple Valley Plant


Thorn Apple Valley Today

Today, Thorn Apple Valley in Detroit, MI, sits abandoned and slowly deteriorating. Graffiti and murals cover the interior and exterior of the building, one of the most noticeable pieces of artwork being a giant silver lion on the side of the facility.

Since the building has had most of the structure covered by cardboard paneling, the interior gives off quite a haunting vibe with the multitude of pillars and dark corridors. A staircase in the far back leads to the second level of the building where a ladder to the roof can be located.

A small word of warning here. If you do decide to go to up the roof, please tread carefully. The roof is soft in certain areas, and there are visible holes up there as well. Although the city view is spectacular, we advise you are cautious while up there, and we take no responsibility for anyone who may hurt themselves.

Also, there are plans of turning the building into apartment complexes, so visitors are not necessarily welcome. We recommend going later in the day when there aren’t a lot of people staking it out.

Urbexing is a lot of fun, and you can find a bunch of amazing history about the places you visit just by entering. Just be careful when you set out and always go in a group.

For the fun of the hunt, we aren’t providing the Thorn Apple Valley Slaughterhouse Detroit address. Finding these places on your own is part of the fun.

Private message us, however, and we may give you a hint.

Happy urbexing!

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