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With so many cities opting in and getting licenses in the State of Michigan for Medicinal reasons there are many different provisioning centers and they all strive for excellence in their own way.  The first provisioning center review is on JC3 in Jackson, Michigan.
I went out to Jackson with one of my buddies to try and see different cannabis strains and concentrates from other cities instead of what we are constantly getting. Jackson is about a 1 hour and 40 min drive from the Detroit area. When we went to JC3 we were looking to get top shelf.

JC3 Customer service - attitude, knowledge

Lemon Slushiee Wax
The customer service was fantastic, we were greeted with a smile and asked "how are we today? It's always great to be greeted right away if you are a frequent regularly or like us a first-time visitor.  Our budtender John was very friendly and knowledgeable in the cannabis industry.  That is something I am always looking for when visiting different shops.  John was able to break down and walk us through their shop and describe which products were quality medicine.  He especially was a wax connoisseur he could distinguish the terpenes in the concentrates we purchase.

JC3 Inventory: 

JC3 Platinum Cookies Strain
JC3 had a smaller selection at the time we were there. John explained this to us because they just had a recent move to their new location.  The flower section was a little bit smaller but had a great variety of good medicinal cannabis strains. The flower was separated into 3 different categories based on price from the top shelf, middle and value. They had a good selection of concentrates and oils.  They did carry a high cannatonic strain or know as CBD bud with higher levels of CBDs in the cannabis, instead of higher levels of THC.
The products I took home were Platinum cookies, lemon slushee wax and red velvet wax. Quality bud and very potent was impressed with the strain and it was long lasting. The terps and the tastes of the concentrates were phenomenal very impressed especially because they were Sativa dominant strains which gave me  the uplifting affect I was looking for!

JC3 Facility

- layout, parking


The Facility had many parking spots which are good to see so you don't have to walk far when grabbing your medicine. It was a nice facility as you walked in with a smaller lobby but very friendly and quaint. They had a culture magazine stand in the lobby to look at while you wait. 

The layout of the store was cool once you got in everything was walk up to which is different to me. I am used to walking to a counter and looking at the flower, concentrates or edibles.  Here you could walk throughout the area and you see different products. If you knew what you want you just walked up to the counter and didn't have to wait.



JC3 Value

 - Are there any? Rewards points, daily deals, convenient 


JC3 has a lot of value they offer for their location.  JC3 has daily deals which are an awesome reward for you as the customer. Depending on what day you go, I was there on a Saturday and it was 15% of all CBD products. They also have a reward point system and first-time patient deals all of this JC3 has to offer.  We received a free gram of flower with our purchase and it ended up being the top shelf platinum cookie.

 Platinum Cookies with Logo


JC3 Originality

- convenience


Every provisioning center has their unique or original look to it which will separate them apart from other local centers.  The Style of viewing the product was very creative. The layout was comparable to standard retail shopping. It had an area for quick pickups (prepackaged) without waiting in lines.  If you weren't their for a quick pick up JC3 had samples of all products in an open floor plan around the store with products in different locations. They had an edible section, oil section, CBDs, Concentrates, and flower in 3 different spots. No rushing for first-time patience which is a bonus because most usually like to take their time and look at the product and have many questions.


Overall Experience:
My overall experience at the JC3 center was really good.  I absolutely was astounded by the customer service and how knowledge John was at the products they carried.  I did enjoy the layout which is something I am not used to at all.  The only thing would be the inventory was lower than what I am used to seeing but they were just completing a move which next time I go it could change.  I did enjoy the medicine that I took home some flower and a little bit of concentrates.

Total : 86/100
1. CannaDave - 19
2) CannaDave - 16.5 (not a huge selection like bigger city’s) 
3) CannaDave - 17 (small lobby) 
4) CannaDave - 16
5) CannaDave - 17.5