The Ooze Slim Twist Pen Review

Black Ooze Vape Pen Adjustable Temperature


The Ooze Slim Twist Pen


Looking to step your smoke game up? The Ooze slim twist battery vape is the next piece of tech you need.

The old vape pens you’ve used in the past can’t top this product. With an adjustable twist battery, preheating mode, and modifiable temperature settings, nothing gets better than this.

Whether you’re new to the smoke scene or a puff cloud connoisseur, the ooze slim pen is a great product to own.


Slim Twist Battery Vape Pen Features


Ooze raised the bar with this pen, sporting amazing features including:

  • 320 mAh Ooze vape battery
  • Preheat mode
  • Voltages of 3.3V – 4.8V
  • 15 second hold time
  • Fits any 510 thread
  • USB charging
  • Auto-safety shut down
  • Battery cell preservation

Just a reminder, you can’t use your Xbox to charge this bad boy. It only charges via wall plug chargers for iPhone and Android phones for example.

 Black Slim Pen TWIST Battery

Cannadave Comments: Ooze Slim Twist Battery Vape Pen.

I would recommend that everyone gives this vape pen a try. Due to its compact size and easy carrying, I've used it hiking around on trails or going to music festivals. The vape pen has a smooth drag for a nice hit every time. The adjustable battery is also a pretty nice bonus for the pen.
The price for the slim twist battery pen is relatively affordable. All you need is the ooze vape pen battery and your quality oil and your all set. For all vape product purchases, I always recommend them to If you happen to go to the link and sign up you will receive 5% off for life on all purchases through waxxin.