Million Dollar Dab Rig


The Million Dollar Dab Rig


Most of us are used to using glass from wild bills tobacco or your local glass head shop. In this article, we are taking a look at the most expensive pieces of glass out right now in 2018. I believe they are some of the best collaborations of glass by the artist I have seen with the detail, colors, and the look of each heady glass rig. All of them are currently available and can be bought for a steep price for many of us weed connoisseurs.  These pipes can all be found online at lluzion glass galleries. We have 5 different expensive pieces of heady glass to take a look at. The first one is the motorcycle hand pipe.


#1 “Contemporary Lampworking vol. III Cover Feature Motorcycle”


A favorite glass piece that I want to share the "Contemporary Lampworking vol. III Cover Feature Motorcycle Hand Pipe by Banjo."   This piece is actually moveable because the wheels revolve. The air streams through the bottom of the gas tank and comes out through the exhaust pipe, which is the mouthpiece of this particular piece. This glass piece is extremely colorful with its amazing colors like yellow, green, and orange intertwined in the bike.  

The bike is a steal for any collection and goes for $12,000 compared to the other glass pipes that will be listed in the blog, this glass is the least expensive here. This would be a great heady pipe to show to all of your medical friends when they come over for those fat dabs!

Motorcycle Hand Pipe

The second pipe we are taking a look at is the blue rain robo Dragon vapor bubbler.


#2 “Biomechanical Blue Rain Robo Dragon Vapor Bubbler”


How would you like to add a dragon to your very own glass piece collection?  Well if you do the "Biomechanical Blue Rain Robo Dragon Vapor Bubbler Collaboration by Banjo and Joe Peters" is just the piece.  At a mere $20,000 this piece is about 11 inches tall and is eye capturing! The structure of the blue dragon is amazing with the long neck and then head pointing in a downwards motion.

The glass pipe has intricate features that include claw tips and wings on the back, and also the tail. The detail is magnificent on the dragon with the tail too, the wings make it completely stand out for one of the best dragon pipes I have ever seen. The dragon’s colors are amazing and are from the largest American glass color companies which help make this wonderful piece standout. All this helps to make this heady piece of glass one of the most expensive rigs out right now. 

"Blue Rain Robo Dragon Vapor Bubbler”

The third most expensive piece of glass for this article is a star wars fan favorite Boba Fett!


#3 “Bobasaurus Fex”


What about owning this stunning piece of glass animation called Bobasaurus Fex?  Wouldn’t this spectacular glass piece be a great addition to the avid collector of say maybe Star Wars? Bobasauraus Fex sells for $30,000 and looks like its worth every dollar for your avid collector.  The details of this glass piece are amazing top of his helmet all the way to the tail. The mouthpiece on the Boba Fett is on the helmet and the antennae actually come off and can be used for dabs of your finest medicinal concentrate. I think its pretty cool that the dabber is built into the helmet of Bobasauraus.  This glass pieces definitely make for an awesome collection for your avid Star Wars fan. Its spectacular to view and with the detail on the glass makes for a great rig to add to the collection.


The 4th heady piece of glass in this article is the double rainbow bubbler.


#4 "The Double Rainbow Bubbler"


One of my favorites I would personally like to use is the "Double Rainbow Bubbler and Hand Pipe Collaboration Set by Adam G., Darby, Buck, 2BA and Eusheen." Especially with the story behind why they created the double rainbow the video, I know everyone remembers that video it was trending for a while on all social media. They collaborated because of the trending video double rainbow on Youtube and decided to create the Double Rainbow Bubbler. The video can be found here of the collaboration and why they made the double rainbow pipe. telling their story on the double rainbow.  This piece is essentially two pipes combined where the top is a stemless bubbler.  This amazing piece may be purchased for the bargain price of only $33,000 compared to the most expensive piece of glass. If I used it once I would definitely use 710 cleaner to clean it right away, haha have to keep it looking fresh.


Finally, the Million Dollar piece most expensive glass out right now is the Thone.


#5 “The Throne”

Imagine being able to use a million-dollar glass piece, that’s right million-dollar! Wow, who wouldn’t want such an experience, since I myself have never even hit a glass piece over $1000!  This would be such a luxury, but I am sure this treasured glass piece would only be used on very special occasions.  This exclusive piece is known as “The Throne” Bubbler Collaboration by Clinton Roman, Scott Deppe, Darby Holm, and Banjo."  The creators developed the structure to be about two feet tall, with the top being a removable skull which reveals the mouthpiece, very sweet where they put the mouthpiece on this glass.  

The colors are brilliant and bold with hues of butterscotch and intertwined with blues, they make the throne stand out perfectly. Airflow of this magnificent piece starts near the push bowl and travels through the percolator, then up to the skeletal backbone which then arrives at the mouthpiece.  Similar pieces have since been created but nothing near as expensive as this piece, or the details on the glass pipe. This is the most expensive piece of glass on the market! All of these may be viewed at Illuzion Glass Galleries in Denver, Colorado.


While the million-dollar glass piece is out of most people’s budgets, there are many other creative and top quality pieces on the market. All of these heady glass dab rigs have magnificent artwork and collaboration by the artists.  I am truly impressed with each one of these. One day I will add my own piece of heady glass to my collection. These are the most expensive pieces of glass out right now especially the Throne in 2018.