Ooze Weeper XL Vape Pen Review




OOZE Weeper XL Vape Pen



The OOZE Weeper XL Wax Pen is a simple-to-use, one button operating product that's loved by many vaping enthusiasts. Since the vape pen's glass is hand blown, it has a decent weight and feel while being used.




OOZE Weepers have a water bubbler and percolator inside them providing a smooth drag each time and projects a good amount of vapor ( you know, for all the smoke ring trickers out there).

Assembly is quite easy:

- Charge the battery

- Insert the coil

- Place splash guard on top

- Apply Weeper XL Water Bubbler

- Drag on!

In fact, this pen is so convenient you can take it on a hiking or camping trip. Picture sitting in the mountains on a beautiful sunny day and you want to use your glass but you didn’t bring it.

This vape will provide the same relief that your glass pipe at the crib would provide maybe even better, with a strong clean smoke. Also because of its size, I know this will come in handy during the summer music festival scene. Who doesn’t like a good vape pen during the summertime!

As one of the better vape products with water bubbler attachments, I would recommend trying out the product. I believe you would have complete satisfaction with this product. I wouldn't recommend it otherwise.

To get your hands on one of your own, I suggest you check out www.waxxin.com and all their products. All their merchandise is brand name and made from quality glass.