How to Make Cannabutter

How to make Cannabutter

7 Simple Steps to Make Cannabutter

I will explain in 7 simple steps on how to make your very own cannabutter at your own home. You should only do this if you are able to like medical state or recreational state.  You will need a couple of supplies listed below to get you started. It's not a hard process just remember what you put in (cannabis) is what you get out, in most cases as of quality for the butter.
You will be looking for a lighter green color of butter at the end of the process. take your time don't rush the process. Well, let's get started and go through how to make your own cannabutter.

How to Make Cannabutter:

-Cannabis Product (Trim, Bud)
-Quality Sticks Butter
-Parchment Paper & Oven Tray
- Utensils ( Wisker, scissors, rubberband, cheesecloth, measuring cup)
Step 1:
Pre-heat oven to 240 degrees. This is so we can Decarboxylate the cannabis.  This process activates the THC in the product so its ready to be consuming and placed in the butter. Decarboxylation of cannabis is a Must in my opinion when making high-quality edibles.  Also what quality of product you put in is what you will get out in the end after the THC is activated due to Decarboxylation. You can't turn bad bud into extremely potent edibles.
The lower the temperature the more you are preserving the terpenes in the cannabis. Terpenes are the smell and flavor profiles of the bud or strain of your particular cannabis that you are either smoking or eating!
Step 2:
Decarboxylate Cannabis
Place cannabis nicely and spread evenly on the tray. Also must be on top of parchment paper before going in the oven. Place in oven for 30-40 mins depending on how dry the product is.  When you notice the brownish gold color to it then its ready to grind up and make your cannabutter.
P.S. Your kitchen does start to smell like vaporized cannabis lol. So don't think it won't smell. Be prepared it smells good though! Don't open the oven either constantly stick to using your oven light for checking on how the color is because you don't want to keep releasing the heat.
Step 3:
Grind up Cannabis
Measure 2 sticks of butter for 14 grams is what I used.  You can look at 4 sticks of butter for around oz of dried cannabis. Add 2 cup of water and the 2 sticks of butter into the pot.
Let the water boil and the butter melt. You must grind up the decarboxylated cannabis to make it fine before adding it to the melted butter. Make sure it's completely ground up then add to the pan.
Pour Grinded Cannabis into Melted Butter and water
Step 4:
Simmer the Cannabis and Butter
Let Simmer for 2-3 hours depending on how much cannabis used.
Add more water just so the cannabis doesn't burn but add as needed.  Stir occasionally throughout the time you have it, never let it boil with the cannabis in the pot.
Step 5:
Let it cool for a moment before you pour the contents through the strainer and cheesecloth.  Once it cools then you pour it slowly into another Tupperware bowl to place in the fridge and let it sit and harden up. Here is a picture of the butter just being poured into the Tupperware container.
Cannabutter poured in Tupperware container
This is how the cannabis looks after being poured into the cheesecloth for straining.Cannabis leftover after straining
Step 6:
You will see that the butter rises to the top and gets hard while the water just sits below the butter.  Give it about 1-2 hrs for your butter to cool and you will be able to use. Just make sure your butter gets hard before you remove it from the container. You get to watch the Cannabutter turn solid while the cannabis water just sits below that and doesn't get hard.
Step 7:
Seperation of Cannabutter and Water
Above you see the separation of water and cannabutter. Slowly go around the edges with a butter knife and cut out a chunk of the cannabutter and place that on a separate dish.  You can take a paper towel and soak up the water under the cannabutter gently. Then just get rest of the cannabutter out of the container and you're all set with your butter.
Light Green Cannabutter
You now can spread this on your toast in the morning or even add it to your favorite desserts. Pretty SImple process it can take most of your day up depending on when you start but its all worth it in the end. Stay tuned we will show you a recipe with this cannabutter and how it turned out.