How Long does Marijuana Stay in Your System?

How long does marijuana stay in your system?

.How Long does Marijuana Stay in Your System?

I'm willing to bet you searched this topic because you've got a new job interview coming up. Trust me, I've been there. But whatever the case, the concept of how long a dab stays in your system is pretty interesting.
The amount of time weed stays in your system varies depending on the dosage. Cannabis can be detected in the body from one to about thirty days after use. Like other drugs, traces of weed may be detectable in your hair for several months.
The best way to figure out how marijuana will be detected in your body specifically is to define what kind of user classification you fall under. Here's an example (based on typical urine detection):
  • Occasional User - If you smoke up to three times a week, traces will be detectable for about three days.
  • Moderate User - Smoke up to four times a week? Count on weed being noticeable for about five days to a week.
  • Daily User - Smoking once daily will leave noticeable traces for about ten to fifteen days.
  • Heavy User - Chronically hitting the chronic will get you detectable traces for thirty days or more.
Metabolites, the by-products of marijuana used for measurements, are fat-soluble and take a decent amount of time to leave your body. Keep this in mind for your next drug test.

Methods of Testing Marijuana Usage

While urine tests are the most common methods of measuring a person's use of weed, there are a few other ways drug monitors can do it. I've included them and how long weed can stay in each part of the body based on casual and heavy use:
  • Blood - One to two days for casual use; 25 days for heavy use
  • Saliva - One to three days for casual use; 29 days for heavy use
  • Hair - 1.5 inch hair segments can be traced back three months post-use
Like I said above, urine testing is the most common practice, so be wary of how long it takes to get marijuana out of your urine before you take a hit prior to a drug test.
Love life and smoke good.