High Times Cannabis Cup Clio, Michigan 2018

High Times Cannabis Cup Clio Michigan


High Times Cannabis Cup

Have you ever been to a Cannabis Cup in a legal or medicinal state? If you haven't I highly recommend you looking up the next one and seeing where it is. If you call yourself a weed cannasuier or just in general love cannabis this is the event to go to.  It has musical artist to vendors, foods made with edibles, and in Michigan NO Alcohol is available.

Talk to me about a sweet place to be if your avid marijuana enthusiasts. This is the second time I have been to this event I went in August of 2017 to the Cannabis Cup in Clio, Michigan.  That had a huge impact on why I had to go again this year.  It was awesome connecting with many different individuals and companies that are in the industry. While you are there you are looking at the top products for Michigan!

Cannabis Cup Concentrates!

The Cannabis Cup had so many different vendors that were passing out  FREE dabs of quality cannabis.  I had the chance to try Fregrowli and their GrapeFruit Durban Live Resin. That had a phenomenal taste, it tasted just like grapefruit and it was extremely shiny and almost a budder consistency.  GrapeFruit Durban Live Resin

It was my favorite tasting concentrate over the weekend at the Cannabis Cup.  I had the opportunity to try another companies product which was ak extracts.  They had great products to I really enjoyed the Super Lemon Haze live resin. 

The color was a little darker compared to the GrapeFruit but nevertheless, it was pretty potent. It was great because of the Sativa dominant traits I really enjoyed that strain from their booth.  Those two companies had great wax, but there were many other booths that had good concentrates at the Cannabis Cup like Alpha Buddz, lifted extracts, and Cannabis Cup Winner Light Sky extracts.

Cannabis Cup Infused Foods & Edibles

At the Cannabis Cup, they have many different kinds of infused foods with THC. You were able to get cotton candy, slushies, and even Trippy Tacos infused with THC. I tried the slushie and cotton candy and that was pretty good lol. I didn't get the tacos because they always had a long line, they must have tasted delicious. Zilla's was giving out edibles little 2 packs of deserts and they tasted so good!  Also took home some rice Krispy treats before leaving they tasted extremley good. 

All in all the edibles were great I was impressed with how many different vendors there were at the event.  Its great to see that because edibles are an alternative to smoking cannabis for medicinal reasons. 

Many can eat small doses of edibles and feel the same effect as someone who smokes. They just have to wait 30 mins to an hour after eating because it gets digested instead of combusting into smoke.  It's good more and more people are getting into edibles and you could see that at the Cannabis Cup.

Cannabis Cup Flower

The Cannabis Cup had multiple vendor booths with top quality cannabis flower.  You had the top strains of each category Hybrid, Sativa and Indica strains.  You had Cannaboys, Alpha Buddz, Ice green boys, and Exotic Genetix are a couple of the booths just to name.

Thin Mint Cookie

 I took home a couple strains one of them was Thin Mint Cookies, Platinum Cookie, 24k, just to name a few. There were so many different strains to try out it was going to be a good week with a variety of the best medicinal strains out.  I did end up trying one of the yakwoods filled with flower and oil was extremely good and it also took a while to burn one.I would recommend that anytime because it tasted good, you had a mix of oil and flower you just can't beat it. 

At the Cannabis Cup, they had moon rocks at the gratefulmeds booth which were unbelievable! I didn't get one but I do regret not getting one because I wish I would have tried it now. If ever at a cup don't second guess yourself lol you probably won't see that product again for a while or even ever.

Moon Rocks Cannabis dipped in Oil rolled in Keif

Have you ever seen a ak-47 Blunt of a smokeable flower up close? I have now after the cannabis cup, it was pretty remarkable to see it up close and in person compared to the internet. WOW was it done pretty good, didn't get to smoke it but seeing it at the Ak extracts booth was worth it!

 Ak Extracts Ak-47 Blunt


The High Times Cup has many different musical acts that perform throughout the event.  Mike Jones, Nas, Insane Clown Posse, Trick Trick, and Demrick were some of the artists that performed. I was pretty pumped to see Nas and Mike Jones because grew up listening to "WHO" Mike Jones and Nas is just one of the greats. Best part you are front row at a small venue so if you like getting close to the artist its a perfect.

Mike Jones Performs Cannabis Cup 2018


My overall experience at my second Cannabis Cup was very eventful and a great time. I met some very cool people, tried cannabis-infused edibles, quality concentrates and great flower you just can't beat that anywhere else. I thought it was definitely worth it to go especially if you are an avid marijuana enthusiast its a must. I can't wait to go to the next one here in Mi or looking to go out of state maybe California.

 Sunset At Cannabis Cup