Can Cannabis Help the Opioid Crisis?


The Truth Behind the Opioid Epidemic


If you’re not aware of the terrible opioid overdose epidemic in the United States, you more than likely live under a rock.

In the 90’s pharmaceutical companies provided patients opioid pain relievers to help them get through surgeries and symptoms of disease. They reassured the medical community that there would be no addiction related to opioid pain pills.

They were wrong.

As more and more prescriptions for opioid pain relievers were written, the widespread misuse of the pills grew, proving that they were indeed addictive. So addictive, in fact, that the HHS declared a public health emergency just last year.

Opioid Addiction Statistics (2016-2017)

I’m a numbers guy, so for any other numeral lovers out there, here are a few statistics and data that really puts this problem into perspective:

  1. Over 130 people died each day from opioid-related overdoses
  2. An estimated 11.4 million people misused opioid pain pills
  3. Overall, 42,249 people died from overdosing on the drugs
  4. More than 2.1 million people developed a related disorder
  5. 886,000 people used heroine with over 81,000 people using for the first time
  6. Commonly prescribed opioids took the lives of 17,087 human beings
  7. Heroine related deaths were documented at 15,469

The opioid crisis is much more detrimental to society than a lot of people know. We’re seeing an increase in newborns experiencing withdrawal syndrome from addicted parents, and it’s only going to get worse unless something changes.

What can we do about it? What is a better alternative than the addictive pain killers that are destroying the lives of so many people?

An Alternative to Opioid Addiction

Marijuana over Opioids
I personally believe an alternative to the opioid crisis is Cannabis. I am here to help bring more attention to the opioid crisis. I think both THC and CBD can help users get off of any opioid that they are prescribed or addicted to because, with medicinal marijuana with the correct dosage, it does not give you the harsh side effects that opioids do. I understand it might not be in peoples best interest to go from one to the other. With having the option open to use Medical Cannabis, research has been proven to have the same medical healing effects that opioids do but without the dazed and lethargic feel.
One of the reasons many people become addicted to opioids is because they once have suffered a traumatic experience at one point in their life. People tend to use opioids after many possible things such as car accidents or sports injuries. Some are getting off of pharmaceuticals and not having the medical coverage or enough money to continue to purchase their medicine. Even though Doctors tell you that opioids addictive and should be taken under medical supervision, it still somehow is one of the leading causes of death in America today. 
 I do believe if people could have access to cannabis like they do to prescriptions at the doctors, then maybe, just maybe we can change this crisis.
Personal Experience with The Opioid Epidemic
Cannabis Strain Pink Panties
I have lost many friends due to opioids and the addiction that happens, especially my closest ones. We all know how strong an addiction can be for someone, yet no one is doing anything about it. All they do is say "Don't Do It, Its bad for you, You could die from it"
We all love someone who has passed or know someone who has been consumed by this horrible disease we call addiction.  I hope that even if you do not use marijuana, through this article you are now informed of the medical benefits that the plant Marijuana can provide. I truly believe that cannabis can be there to help individuals permanently stay off opioids or even the deadly drug Heroin.

Cannabis and positive effects on opioids.

 Medical Cannabis Snowman Strain
The THC and CBD in cannabis can provide the user with relief from pain that makes them take the pharmaceuticals. The benefits of CBD and THC can help in many ways because of all the chemical compounds in the cannabis plant, it provide relief in different ways instead of taking pills.  They can help you think clearer instead of zombie minded from all the pharmaceuticals.  Also opioids long-term effects will destroy the organs in the body, while cannabis hasn't proven to hurt our organs long term.
My Opinion on Cannabis and Opioids
- Medical Marijuana does come in many forms, from the flower to concentrates, to oils, and edibles.
-I Believe the individuals deserve to have the option to choose what they want and not have the "Big Pharma Companies" or the doctors tell them what they need.
-Check your options!  I believe Medical Marijuana is a great alternative to opioids and one day, one day we will see them giving cannabis the attention that it DESERVES!