3 Benefits of Medicinal Marijuana

3 Benefits of Medicinal Marijuana


Many believe that THC has no medicinal value but this statement is just not true.  In fact, this is far from the case, because THC provides help for many ailments.

Here are a couple of reasons why marijuana should become legal::

  1. Pain relief is one of the many benefits of using THC.
  2. THC helps to ease nausea and vomiting.
  3. THC helps to treat those suffering from PTSD

      Pain Relief

      By activating certain paths in the nervous system, pain signals are blocked from being sent to the brain. THC may help the many people that live with chronic pain on a daily basis. This can offer great benefits for them and be able to complete daily tasks more often than not.  One of the top strains for pain relief is ACDC. Its strong percentages of THC and CBD can give you the pain relief you are looking for. Another great strain that helps with Pain relief is Blueberry which is Indica dominant and one that I would always recommend if you're looking for a good strain to ease the pain. Its Indica dominant strain which provides high levels to help ease the medical user.

      Nausea and Vomiting

      Medicinal marijuana is extremely beneficial for nausea that cancer patients face during treatments. THC helps increase the appetite, so the term, “gives me the munchies”, is truly helpful for those with illnesses causing decreased appetite like HIV, hepatitis, cancer, and dementia.  Nausea is one of the reasons I personally like the use of medicinal marijuana.


      Post Traumatic Stress Disorder for those who don’t know is a condition developed when someone encounters traumatic experience in life. The benefit of using marijuana for people who suffer from PTSD helps these patients return to a balanced day to day life. Also, by using cannabis for patients suffering from PTSD, they are helped by the benefits it can have on easing depression, flashbacks, and nightmares.  I have found THC to be helpful in my life with my stomach problems and anxiety issues. It has helped by giving me an increased appetite and has reduced my stress and anxiety.  In fact, I no longer need to take any prescribed medications because of the benefits of THC.